EARTH WITHIN Calming Nature Music

EARTH WITHIN Calming Nature Music

Soundings of the Planet invites you to take an inner journey with the calming sounds of our latest album Earth Within on September 9th, 2022. In this 11-song album, gentle melodies of flute, viola, and double bass are interwoven with nature field recordings to create a deep mood of quiet comfort. This album takes listeners on a rich inner journey to a quiet refuge, a world beyond time. Earth Within is available on all streaming platforms as well as in physical and digital format on

Since co-founding Soundings of the Planet in 1979 as a voice for the planet and for peace, Dean Evenson has proven himself to be a visionary of the New Age musical genre, bringing nature, music, and wellness together. On this occasion, Dean Evenson s silver flute soars with the beautiful viola of Phil Heaven who has collaborated with Dean on many award-winning albums. This release introduces Douglas Johnson with his deep resonant tones and creative touch on double bass.

When asked about the concept of the album and why it is so important for him that the sounds of nature are included with the music, Dean Evenson says: This is the only Earth we ve got, and I want to hear what the Earth has to say and be an agent for its preservation. We need to honor the Earth and understand it as a living being. And when we do that, it opens the whole world to a way of thinking that supports this planet and brings about the harmony as the instruments do on this album, playing the different aspects of life and nature.

This album is the result of the excellent musical and spiritual connection between three talented musicians. What you hear on the record is a live unrehearsed and unscripted performance with minimal edits, which can only be achieved with world-class artists. It was clear from the first-time making music together that there is a wonderful chemistry among the three of us. The unique combination of instruments lends a natural warmth and organic feel to what we create says Douglas Johnson. The camaraderie and stories behind their connection take this album to a sublime state. Douglas has been a friend of Phil Heaven since childhood. Phil has been helping manage the Soundings of the Planet studio becoming a great friend of Dean Evenson. The underlying story and the choice of instruments aligned to bring this album to life in this unique way. The idea of bringing the Earth Within ourselves through these low frequencies seemed like a great idea for an album project says Phil Heaven, Douglas double bass instrument brings the grounding earthy feeling along with the viola, bringing deep resonant tones. You feel the low frequencies in all your body.

As with all Dean Evenson s peaceful music recordings, Earth Within includes the Earth Resonance Frequency of 7.83 Hz under the music mix. This frequency is the same as the Alpha/Theta brainwave state that occurs when one is relaxed yet still awake and aware.

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Dean Evenson: flute, keyboards, field recordings
Phil Heaven: viola, keyboards
Douglas Johnson: double bass.

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Listen to Soundings Mindful Media Podcast as Dean and Phil reminisce about their musical journey together and what Earth Within means to them.

Watch Earth Within Videos on Soundings of the Planet YouTube channel;

Journey Within
Feel their peace and soar with eagles high above a river valley in the pristine Pacific Northwest.

Grandmother Tree 
Be inspired by one of the last remaining groves of old growth cedar and fir in the Cascade Mountains.

Forest Path 
Follow a path with musical wizard Dean Evenson as he explores the sacred forest near his home.

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