Sonic Tribe

Sonic Tribe is a consortium of musicians associated with the Soundings of the Planet label, primarily guitarist Scott Huckabay and label founder Dean Evenson.

A Multi-Cultural Tapestry Of Rhythm - Middle East meets the Outback in this passionate world beat offering laced with ambient, richly layered grooves. Trance guitar of Scott Huckabay, didgeridoo by A.B. and tribal rhythms by Daniel Paul create a powerful pulse for the exotic vocals of former lead vocalist for Cirque du Soleil, hypnotic flutes by Dean Evenson and spirited keyboards to weave their magic. An exciting merging of cultures takes you on an evocative journey of soul and spirit. This tribal collective’s debut album has all the necessary ingredients for an aural stew destined to warm the center of any listener. Roaring didgeridoos, haunting flutes, guitar, percussion, synths, indigenous chants, sweet vocal harmonies, and deep synth pads combine for an overall effect both energizing and calming.

World Fusion

Sonic Tribe is suitable for listeners who have a taste for the most atmospheric ethnic explorations associated with Lorenna McKennitt and Steve Roach--Terry Wood