Daniel Paul

In order to understand some of the world’s oldest and most challenging musical traditions, Daniel completed an intensive nine-year study of Raga vocals and tabla drumming with the legendary Ali Akbar Khan, Zakir Hussain and Swapan Chauduri. Daniel’s primary instructor and mentor, Ali Akbar Khan, is a National Treasure of India and has been hailed as “the greatest musician in the world” by concert violinist Yehudi Menuhin.

As Ali Akbar Khan’s personal assistant and tamboura (string drone instrument) accompanist for six years, and occasionally as Ravi Shankar’s tamboura accompanist, Daniel Paul participated in six consecutive world tours, performing in many of the great venues of the world. These include Carnegie Hall, Kennedy Center, Sydney Opera House, as well as many of the larger European concert halls. Along the way, he has performed and recorded with such artists as Jai Uttal, Bruce BecVar, Raphael, Lorellei, Dean Evenson, Scott Huckabay, Bob Kindler, Govi, Karunesh, Hawaii’s legendary Cecilio and Kapono and many more.

Unity Through Music

Fulbright Award-winning drummer, Daniel Paul, composes on the rare and expressive tabla tarong, blending ancient classical and modern folk drumming styles of India with western music, instrumentation and influences.

“I create music with the sincere wish that it help unite the many cultures of the world. I have faith that music has the power to do this,” says Daniel.

A Medley Of Styles

Working under a Fulbright Grant in 1987, and to further augment his classical training, Daniel Paul conducted a hands-on video survey of North Indian folk drumming styles. Immersion in the traditions of the East, rigorous training with exceptional teachers and a deep love for all the world’s cultures have given Daniel an unusual proficiency for composing and performing in both Eastern and Western musical styles. In composing these melodic world-beat songs for this long-anticipated solo debut album, Daniel drew inspiration from the music of India, as well as the great cultural diversity and natural beauty of the Hawaiian Islands where he makes his home.