Scott Huckabay

Scott Huckabay’s live performances are brilliant. Left-handed and soul-inspired, he has toured extensively, opening for such artists as Crosby, Stills and Nash, Jackson Browne, Sarah McLachlan, Bob Weir, Bonnie Raitt, and Joe Satriani.

Guitar Legend

Scott’s live presence, along with his exciting original compositions and unique use of effects, helped to earn him the honor of Guitar Player of The Year in the Los Angeles-based Bam Magazine

The Live Ritual

With incense burning between the strings, he begins a ritual. Dancing in a circle, he shakes his blue dolphin guitar and lifts it up to his face. Bare feet pounding, the stage echoes like rolling thunder as he leads us on a mesmerizing musical journey.

He peppers a rhythmic groove with the warping and bending of notes, complete with an array of harmonic surprises. His rich and multi-textured sound includes percussive interludes, and creates the illusion of three or four musicians performing the same music.

A fretboard master who is reshaping the acoustic instrumental genre, Scott has developed over 200 open guitar tunings and his intricate licks incorporate elements of rock, folk, blues and fusion.

A Powerful Recovery

Scott’s story is both powerful and inspirational. In 1987 he was involved in a near fatal motorcycle accident. Doctors told him that he would not walk or play the electric guitar again. Fortunately, Scott ignored those dreaded words and began his inspiring recovery, which included an acoustic guitar and the will and desire to play once again. A remarkable healing process ensued which Scott attributes to the new music that flowed through his soul, along with a full year spent swimming with wild dolphins and whales. It is his mission to share this music with the world in order to help others find joy and inner peace.