As the third of four musically talented generations, d’Rachael taps a deep artistic current. Her big-band leader grandfather tought her flute at an early age, and her pianist mother led the family in hearthside musical concerts. d’Rachael went on to study classical flute, touring with various ensembles and performing in symphony orchestras. She spent ten years studying jazz, harmony and composition through the Berkley School of Music with piano master Jimmy Green in Phoenix, AZ and performing throughout the region.

A Musical Relationship

d’Rachael met Dean and Dudley Evenson, co-founders of Soundings of the Planet, in the early years of the creation of this independent label. By then an accomplished harpist, she added the gentle tones of the harp to Dean’s flute, and together they gave birth to an inspired and magical sound that spawned a generation of peaceful earth music. For sixteen years they have maintained this unique collaboration, on numerous recordings and in live, improvisational concerts.

An Exotic Home

The beautiful watery world of Jalisco, Mexico beckoned d’Rachael, and she has made a home along this exotic coastline for the last sixteen years. She had the pleasure this year of creating a music video called “Three Generations” with her accomplished mother Ethel on accordian and her talented daughter Sapphire on violin.

“Retirement is out of the question!” declares this empty nester, with a chuckle. “Now that I have my little house in Pitillal, at least I know I have a little roof over my head. I just need a little money for food and the telephone, etc. There were many years where we didn’t know where the next money would come from, but in Yelapa, people would just help you.”

The inspirational d’Rachael is living proof that success truly can be measured by the joy and satisfaction of following your dreams rather than solely the material things in life.

Musician for life

d’Rachael continues to perform her jazz, classical and new age music in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, collaborating with musicians from around the world who pass through this lush rainforest in search of beauty and peace.