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Peace Through Music

Soundings of the Planet - celebrating over 40 years of healing, meditative music & video.

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Multi-media producers and award-winning musicians Dean and Dudley Evenson first began making videos in 1970 when they bought the first consumer available Sony half-inch video portapack. With over 40 years of creating music and video, please explore their YouTube Channels!

Soundings of the Planet

Peaceful meditation & nature music and video for relaxation, sleep, yoga, focus, and the healing arts.

Soundings Mindful Media

Historic videos, documentaries, and conscious media explorations featuring new videos and never-seen-before videos dating back to 1970.

Dean & Dudley Living Dreams

Dean and Dudley Evenson’s personal channel where they share spiritual principles and practical tips for living a peaceful and loving life.

Celestial Meditation

Celestial Meditation is created to bring the transcended experience of cosmic union into the listener's field of existence by giving the listener access to the phenomenal mystery and beauty of the infinite universe. An infinite universe that we can also access internally within ourselves - an expansive and grounding experience that allows us to understand we are part of a larger whole, important and needed for the unfoldment of life with the Great Mystery forever here to guide us.

  • Celestial Meditation Cover
    Celestial Meditation: a cosmic musical journey

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    Soundings tote bag - CELESTIAL MEDITATION


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    Soundings unisex hoodie - CELESTIAL MEDITATION


  • Seeds of Peace

    This stunningly beautiful collaboration between sound healing pioneer Dean Evenson and Ukrainian jazz virtuoso Volodymyr Solianyk transcends culture and genre. Their heartfelt music of flute and piano transports the listener to a place of peace beyond time and space. These tracks represent Soundings of the Planet’s vision of Peace Through Music in its highest form.

    In 1987, with the Cold War still raging, Dean Evenson met Volodymyr Solianyk when he visited Ukraine and Russia as part of a Citizen Diplomacy tour he helped organize. There they collaborated on the album Music Makes the Snow Melt Down featuring Soundings of the Planet & Soviet musicians. Years later, Volodymyr visited Dean in the US and together they recorded these beautiful piano and flute pieces. Now is the perfect time to release this music to a world in great need of peace.

  • Soundings tote bag - SEEDS OF PEACE
    Soundings tote bag - SEEDS OF PEACE


  • Unisex shirt - SEEDS OF PEACE
    Unisex shirt - SEEDS OF PEACE

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  • Seeds of Peace Cover
    Seeds of Peace: Ukrainian piano virtuoso transcends culture & genre


  • Earth Within

    Imagine a quiet refuge, a world beyond time, slowly spiraling toward a center of deep calm. This deeply rich yet calming inner journey will
    carry you on waves of earth frequencies. Gentle melodies of flute, viola, and bass are interwoven with sounds of nature to create a comforting mood.

    Iconic flautist Dean Evenson and violist Phil Heaven have collaborated on many award-winning albums. This release introduces Douglas Johnson with his deep resonant tones and creative touch on double bass. Ideal background music for meditation, yoga and relaxation.

  • Earth Within Cover
    Earth Within: gentle melodies of flute, viola, bass, & Nature sounds


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    Tough iPhone case - EARTH WITHIN


  • Soundings unisex hoodie - EARTH WITHIN
    Soundings unisex hoodie - EARTH WITHIN

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  • Monet's Garden

    New Album by Dean Evenson & Dudley Evenson. Exquisite music with flute, harp and singing bowls with natural sounds inspired by Dean & Dudley’s visit last year to Monet’s magnificent flower and water gardens in Giverny, France. A meditative Gem. Ideal background music for meditation, yoga and relaxation.

  • Soundings women's shirt - MONET'S GARDEN
    Soundings women's shirt - MONET'S GARDEN

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  • Soundings tote bag - MONET'S GARDEN
    Soundings tote bag - MONET'S GARDEN


  • Monet's Garden Cover
    Monet's Garden: exquisite harp & flute inspired by Monet's Garden


  • Ocean Dreams

    Dolphins and whales weave their melody with the evocative music of flutes, harps, and synthesizer. Gentle ocean rhythms create waves of peace. Ocean Dreams is lovingly dedicated to preserving precious ocean life. The destiny of our planet depends on the health of her oceans and its inhabitants.

    Ocean waves gently invite you to tune into the rhythms of the Earth itself and experience the healing powers of nature. Soothing music invokes a mood of peace, bringing the body into balance and at the same time, harmonizing the emotions.

  • Ocean Dreams Album Cover
    Ocean Dreams: dolphins & whales sing with flutes, harps, & synth


  • Soundings tote bag - OCEAN DREAMS
    Soundings tote bag - OCEAN DREAMS


  • Soundings eco hoodie - OCEAN DREAMS
    Soundings eco hoodie - OCEAN DREAMS


  • Chakra Healing

    You are invited to enjoy a deeply meditative, musical experience created to resonate with your subtle energy centers known as Chakras. These seven major energy vortices are located along the central meridian from the base of the spine to the top of the head. They are important to the harmonious function and integration of body, mind and spirit. You may tone along with the tracks while meditating on the optimum performance of each Chakra

  • Tough iPhone case - CHAKRAS
    Tough iPhone case - CHAKRAS


  • Soundings sweatshirt- CHAKRA HEALING
    Soundings sweatshirt- CHAKRA HEALING


  • Chakra Healing: music for the subtle energy centers
    Chakra Healing: music for the subtle energy centers


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