Walter Makichen

Walter Makichen is a spiritual teacher and healer. At the core of his teaching is heart consciousness, the place of non-judgment, acceptance, compassion and oneness with the world as we experience it. The practicality and simplicity of his techniques and the benefits they bring are life transforming. At an early age, Walter realized that how he perceived the world and the insights he had in others were unique. As an adult, he became aware of a clairvoyant ability to bring clarity and guidance to help people understand themselves, their lives and the people around them. He is founder of the Center for Self Teaching, a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping people better understand the metaphysical and spiritual aspects of their lives.

Walter graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with a degree in English and pursued graduate degree work at the University of California at Berkeley. However, his clairvoyant ability combined with his pragmatism soon captured the attention of others. As a graduate student at Berkeley, people sought his advice when they were faced with difficult problems and decisions. In 1980, the demand for consultations and workshops provided a new direction, and he left graduate school to pursue this new path of assisting people in their spiritual self-discovery.

Over the last two decades, Walter has become a mentor, advisor, and teacher to thousands of people in the United States and Europe. He has the ability to transmit the skills and wisdom he gains through his clairvoyance to his clients. Walter’s clairvoyant perspective speaks to people from different faiths and across a wide spectrum of careers including CEOs, attorneys, investment managers, homemakers, entrepreneurs, psychiatrists, monks, writers, artists, and film producers. Walter is best known for his ability to take a humorous and insightful approach to real life challenges.

Walter Makichen is also author of ‘Spirit Babies: How to Communicate with the Child You’re Meant to Have’ in which he offers guidance to prospective parents on how to create a warm, nurturing environment for the soon-to-be-conceived children. He gives readings and teaches workshops as well.