Journey Within on a Forest Path to Grandmother Tree

Journey Within on a Forest Path to Grandmother Tree

From our very first release over 40 years ago, we have shared our music as a message for peace. Equally important is our goal to create awareness about our precious planet. In preparation for our upcoming album Earth Within, Dean Evenson gathered field recordings from the various environments reflected in each song. The first three singles take you on an inspiring Journey Within following a meandering Forest Path to arrive at the ancient Grandmother Tree. Dean is joined by his longtime friend and co-producer Phil Heaven. Their silver flute and resonant viola melodies soar above the tall trees and are grounded by the deep double bass performed majestically by Douglas Johnson.

Dean Evenson has always had that wizard vibe. Is it his very long beard or the twinkle in his eye? Most likely it is the sparkle in his soul that carries him on a Journey Within along that meandering path through the forest near his home. He uses an eagle staff carved by his son Elijah Evenson who also did the cover art for the Earth Within album. The eagle has long been an Evenson family power animal and Dean has spent many winter mornings videoing the eagles who migrate up the rivers feeding on the spawning salmon.

In preparation for these new videos, we spent several afternoons in the old growth forest that hugs the hills on the road up to Mt. Baker. Being in the silent grove of ancient trees put us in touch with the frequency of the earth in a very real way. Branches dripping with moss, the smell of the soil and even the fallen logs brought us into a deep connection with our mother planet.

The track Grandmother Tree has a very special meaning to us as it reflects the ancient source of life itself. It is here in the temperate rain forest where clouds form and life-giving rain finds its way back to earth. The wild river that flows past this grove has merged with streams, waterfalls, and creeks providing life for the many plants and animals along its journey to the sea. Old growth trees are a true treasure of nature. We found great inspiration for this track in one of the last remaining groves of old growth cedar and fir in the Pacific Northwest. We hope the music reflects our passion for preserving these temperate rainforests. We hope the music and videos take you to a quiet refuge so you may enjoy a moment of peace in this world beyond time.

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