Tim Alexander

Tim Alexander is an American musician perhaps best known as the drummer for rock band Primus—and was the original drummer for experimental rock supergroup A Perfect Circle. Alexander is enowned for his polyrhythmic chops and precision drumming.

Alexander has performed in many projects including stints with Blue Man Group; ska band Major Lingo; performed guitar live with the band Born Naked; and handling lead vocal duties for his own band, Laundry.Tim occasionally performs solo shows, where he brings to life his dense, exotic musical soundscapes built upon layers of looped live samples, and featuring his massive drum set and array of gongs, bells and bowls.

Primus Precision

In an interview withBass Player Magazine, renowned bassist for Primus, Les Claypool, described Alexander as “. . . a very precise player. Even when we’re really stretching on something, you can rarely tell that we’re still a band that doesn’t rehearse much. And a huge part of that is because of Tim.” Tim continues to tour with Primus.

Tim Alexander meets Dean Evenson

In July of 2014, Tim had a heart attack, and it was during his healing process of utilizing meditation techniques, and just slowing down in general as part of his recuperative process, that Alexander discovered Dean Evenson’s peaceful Earth music that literally and figuratively became instrumental in his recovery.

Coincidentally, Alexander has moved his family to the Bellingham, Washington area, where he opened and operates Herb’s Cider Company, in the heart of downtown. Bellingham is a wonderfully tight and supportive music community, and it didn’t take very long to meet Dean and Dudley Evenson, founders of Soundings of the Planet, also based in Bellingham.

Dean and Tim hit it off right away, and decided to collaborate on a recording project, the Net of Indra, album released in 2018 on Soundings of the Planet, renowned for soothing, gentle and healing acoustic music.

Net of Indra follows the contemplative formula. The musical pairing of flute and drums—taken together are arguably the oldest of all instruments—is fittingly primal. Alexander’s drumming lays forth an atmosphere of depth, substance and warm resonance. Both elemental and tribal, there is a grounded, reverberant bedrock of calm permeating the mixes. Gentle rays of synth weave together this epic aural landscape centered in the peaceful, grounded world Dean and Tim have created.