Soundings_7207_Spa_Dreams Dean Evenson d'Rachael

Spa Dreams: sensuous soundscape of flute, harp, and keyboards

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Recommended by Massage Magazine. Spa Dreams is the third release in the best-selling Healing Spa series. Dean Evenson is a sound-healing pioneer who creates music specifically designed for healing arts practitioners. Healthcare professionals have used his music since 1979. With renowned harpist d'Rachael, Evenson creates a sensuous soundscape of flute, harp, and keyboards designed to give the listener the ultimate audio massage. Perfect for use in the spa or at home, this music can even be a background for peaceful sleep.

Sound healing pioneer Dean Evenson is joined by longtime friend and harpist d'Rachael to create Spa Dreams, this supportive musical experience that will remind the body and soul of that place within where the source of healing lies. Also contributing to the musical mix are Dean's wife, Dudley, on hand harp and gamelon, and Soundings' engineer, Phil Heaven, on viola. A splash of water adds the element of nature to the relaxation experience.  May this soothing sound spa support you in reaching a place of inner joy and peace.  

1. Water Into Light 5:59
2. Inner Hands 7:31
3. Lotus Field 4:46
4. Dream of Peace 6:41
5. Sacred Splendor 4:43
6. Liquid 2:51
7. Joy Overflowing 6:34
8. Mystic Flight 7:29
9. Celestial Doorway 8:24
10. Sea of Tranquility 6:43

"Joy Overflowing" - music video