NET OF INDRA - Music from Dean Evenson and Tim Alexander

NET OF INDRA - Music from Dean Evenson and Tim Alexander

Peace Through Music Meets Primus

Dean Evenson & Tim Alexander

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Genres: World, Relaxation, Healing, Meditation, Ambient, New Age, Contemporary Instrumental

Net of Indra features two innovators from opposite ends of the music spectrum. Award-winning, sound healing pioneer Dean Evenson presents this innovative collaboration with internationally acclaimed master drummer and percussionist Tim Alexander of Primus and A Perfect Circle.

This other-worldly instrumental journey was recorded at Soundings of the Planet studio in Bellingham, Washington and engineered and mixed by Phil Heaven. It takes flight on the gentle lilt of Evenson’s heart centric soothing flutes over atmospheric synth beds and coalescing with the entrancing, grounding underscore of Alexander’s drums, singing bowls and gongs.

Tim Alexander is perhaps best known as the drummer for rock band Primus and was the original drummer for experimental rock supergroup A Perfect Circle. Renowned for his polyrhythmic chops and precision drumming, Alexander has played in many projects including stints with Blue Man Group; ska band Major Lingo; performed guitar live with the band Born Naked; and handlles lead vocal duties for his own band, Laundry. Alexander continues to tour with Primus but in his solo shows, he brings to life his dense, exotic musical soundscapes built upon layers of looped live samples, and featuring his massive drum set and array of gongs, bells, and bowls.

The pairing of flutist/keyboardist and alt-metal/alt-rock/experimental drummer seems an unlikely one. The answer to how this union came to be is both obvious and fortuitously circumstantial. In July of 2014, Tim had a heart attack and open-heart surgery. It was during his healing process of utilizing meditation techniques, and just slowing down in general as part of his recuperative process, that Alexander discovered Dean Evenson s peaceful Earth music which literally and figuratively became instrumental in his recovery. Evenson’s music is a contrast to the high energy music Alexander performs in many of his musical projects. Coincidentally, Alexander moved his family to the Bellingham area, which is a wonderfully tight and supportive music community, and it did not take very long to meet Dean and Dudley Evenson, founders of Soundings of the Planet, based in Bellingham. In 2017, while they were recording Net of Indra, Alexander performed a solo show at the Wild Buffalo House of Music in Bellingham, where Evenson played a half-set with him in a live, completely improvisational performance.

The musical pairing of flute and drums taken together are arguably the oldest of all instruments and fittingly primal. Alexander’s drumming lays forth an atmosphere of depth, substance, and warm resonance. Both elemental and tribal, there is a grounded, reverberant bedrock of calm permeating the mixes. Gentle rays of synth weave together this epic aural landscape centered in the peaceful, grounded world Evenson and Alexander have created. Net of Indra features two vanguard artists of starkly different genres, yet similarly versed and capable of crafting musical journeys and experiences. Together, they have forged a unique musical foray to a resplendently transcendent space, melding the dancing breath of flute with the deep pulse of relentlessly calm, steady, and atmospheric rhythms.

Tim Alexander opened for the band Dirtwire at the Wild Buffalo House of Music (Bellingham WA) on March 11th, 2017. Dean Evenson joined him for a portion of his set; here is exclusive footage from that evening.

Video captured by Bob Paltrow, March 11th, 2017 at Wild Buffalo House of Music, Bellingham WA

This Musical Journey

There is a stately, processional quality to some of the pieces. I can visualize the feeling of sunlight streaming through a colorful, gently careening desert caravan. An ancient, regal parade drawn by camels and elephants, gilded and adorned; fine fabrics flowing with the exotic scent of incense filling the air; colorful dancers and jugglers and performers; a procession of peace moving through the golden gates of an ancient city, bringing tidings of good will and peace.

Net of Indra has a confident calm: Tim's subtly epic deep drum beats are gracefully accented with the lightest touch of bells, cymbals and bowls. Dean's flute sings the melody guiding the journey while synths hold down the far horizon in this musical landscape Evenson and Alexander created. Welcome to the world they ve created for you:

Net of Indra from Soundings of the Planet.

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