Li Xiangting


Li Xiangting (pronounced Lee Shawn-ting) is a master performer and considered the world’s leading authority on the guqin (pronounced gu chin). This exquisite seven-stringed zither very much speaks the language of the soul of China. It is a foundational instrument in China, as important as the piano is in the west.

Li is from the Jilin Province in China, and follows in the musical tradition of the Masters Zha Fuxi (1895-1976) and Wu Jinglue (1907-1987) with whom he studied. Li graduated from the Central Conservatory of Music, Beijing, in 1963 and began his career in teaching. In 1989, he accepted a fellowship at Cambridge University in England. While in Great Britain, he lectured on the guqin and dongxiao as a Visiting Fellow at the Music Research Center of the Afro-Asian Institute, University of London. He returned to China in 1994 and gained the title of Distinguished Professor at the Central Conservatory of Music. In addition to his teaching, Professor Li composes and arranges pieces and gives recitals internationally. He is one of the few masters of the guqin who improvises and he is dedicated to the revitalization of interest in the guqin.

Music by
Li Xiangting

 Tao of Healing


Tao of Peace


Healing Waters


Music for the
Healing Waters