Pausing to Remember

Pausing to Remember

With large and small wars still happening on the planet, we take a moment to pause and remember those who have lost their lives. Memorial Day was originally started to commemorate soldiers who died in war but lately people have taken the time to consider lives of innocent civilians whose lives have been lost as collateral damage of war. We especially want to honor our Ukrainian friends who are caught in the midst of great upheaval. Our friend and fellow Soundings musician Volodymyr Solianyk who appears with Dean Evenson on our new album Seeds of Peace is currently living in Norway as a refugee from the war in Ukraine. He is fortunate but many others of his fellow countrymen and women have not been so lucky.

We also want to consider the many people and especially children who have lost their lives to gun violence. For some who have experienced such shootings or even children and teachers who are preparing for an active shooter, it may feel like they are in a war zone and the fear and emotions from such events can linger long after the initial experience in the form of PTSD. So, whether in a geopolitical war or a domestic gun situation, the loss of life is daunting, and the survivors will continue to experience the emotional intensity for a long time. For these situations we can offer our peaceful music to help mitigate the conditions that arise from such stress. As always, Peace Through Music is our mission and our passion. May the music bless you this season as we remember those who have passed on.

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