I give and receive unconditional love.

Use this short affirmation on a daily basis. Here is more background on the process of bringing more love into your life.


Giving and receiving unconditional love needs to become as basic to us as breathing in and out. The heart is the center of our circulation system where energy is transformed and carbon dioxide and oxygen are exchanged. Nothing happens without the other so if we wish to be loved, the best action we can take is to give love. By turning our focus toward giving love to others, we open ourselves to be the recipients of love. One of the greatest challenges we face is being able to truly love those we may not even like or those whom we consider to be enemies. The honest expression of love can transform animosity into friendship, hatred into love, and threat into support. In the process, we need to also remember to love ourselves.


Say this Love Affirmation aloud or silently to yourself:

I am open to love flowing to me and through me. I open my heart to all, without conditions. I give and receive unconditional love. I send out love to my family, to my community, to my world. I offer my love to those who might be considered my enemies and they become my friends. I send out love to myself to my body, mind and spirit. I accept myself unconditionally in all my magnificence. I breathe in love, I breathe out love. Love fills me with its joy and support. I am nurtured in unconditional love. I let go of loneliness and let myself be bathed in the fulfillment of precious agape love.


LOVE is Affirmation #11 in my book A Year of Guided Meditations by Dudley Evenson

You can also listen to it on my album Meditation Moment: 52 Weekly Affirmations


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