4 Earth: Scenic Vistas of Ocean Stream River Pond

4 Earth: Scenic Vistas of Ocean Stream River Pond

4 Earth by Dean Evenson

4 Earth: Scenic Vistas of Ocean Stream River Pond is the DVD  by Dean Evenson featuring stunning images of four uniquely different, yet interconnected environments and the flow of water among them. A perfect antidote to the stresses of modern urban life that has become increasingly disconnected from nature.

This DVD is ideal for bringing nature into one's personal life. It can support inner peace, relaxation and meditation. It is ideal for people in need of physical or spiritual healing. Teachers can also use it to bring awareness of nature and these four eco-systems into the classroom.

In the soft amber glow of a secluded northern bay, sea gulls prepare for evening. The sun slowly sets, night falls and the scene shifts to a full moon rising over a southern ocean gleaming with reflected light. We are hypnotized by the ebb and flow of churning waves. Time stretches out and a glorious sunrise heralds the next moment of our video tour of Earth's water systems. These intimate video portraits of the natural world follow the cycle of water from salty ocean waves to breathtaking views of mountain peaks and blue white glaciers, down rocky hillsides gushing with snow melt streams and coursing along salmon-spawning rivers where eagles gather to feed in quiet pools. The flow continues along forested wetlands into a lotus pond teeming with wildlife and eventually returning to the sea. Video shot mostly near the home of Dean and Dudley next to a wild river in the north Cascade Mountains. Dean's camera work allows you to see through his eyes a world of exquisite beauty in every direction he turns.

Whether it is a forested valley or spring wetland; the gushing, rushing waterfalls and streams of a summer day; or the snowy white winter peaks of Mt. Baker and Mt. Shuksan. just a short drive from his home, Evenson captures both the power and subtlety of water and Earth in this hour-long video meditation. Other locations include Bellingham Bay, south Florida ocean, Jamaican sea, and the lotus pond next to the Soundings of the Planet recording studio. We envision a balance between these four interconnected eco-systems and the flow of water among them. The videos show how they look now in certain places on Earth, using recent images mostly from the Pacific Northwest. Climate change and human development threaten the fragile balance of all these systems, especially in regard to the small percentage of fresh water available on the planet. By showing the stunning beauty of Earth's natural systems, we aim to inspire an appreciation for their values and functions and instill a respect for preserving them by encouraging active mitigation of the forces that threaten their balance.


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