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Setting New Year Intention

Consider each day the beginning of a new year! What is your intention for how you want your new year to be? How do you want to feel about your life, your goals, and achievements? In your daily meditation, I encourage you to set your intention for the day and at the same time you will be setting your intention for your new year – whether it’s from January to January or June to June. Typically, when New Year’s Day occurs, people make all sorts of resolutions for the coming year. They may keep some of them for a few weeks but then eventually they fall back into their same old patterns. What if you could stay current with your resolutions by renewing them every day? What if you could actually meditate every day instead of just occasionally?

Courage to Step into the Unknown

We all know about the power of affirmations and visualizations but there are a few other aspects to the process of manifesting our dreams to reflect on. One key element is having the courage to take that first step. Do you let fear hold you back from doing the things you want to do? Where is that fear coming from? Often, we are responding to voices in our head that tell us we can’t do it, we’re not good enough, or some other type of limiting belief. When we look deeply into the source of our inner voices, we often discover that those ideas came from someone else who may not have had our best interests in mind. Watch your language. It is helpful to acknowledge the quality of our inner conversation and change it to meet our vision of how we actually want to move forward in our life.

Write it Down Make a List

Journaling can be a big help in defining how we want our lives to proceed. When you write down your goals, you are creating clarity and taking an important step in identifying your vision and dreams for your life. Talking things over with your partner or a friend and making lists can also be helpful. Dean Evenson and I have tons of journals full of our dreams and projects. Some of them we have accomplished and some are still waiting to be birthed. We keep chipping away at our dreams and when we stay focused on them, they actually happen.

Be Patient with the Process

One of the things I learned years ago when my dreams seemed to be taking too long to come into realization was that the timing wasn’t always up to me. Often, there would be other factors at work and I needed to learn to be patient and keep persevering. Dean and I used to sometimes consult the I Ching (Chinese book of changes) in order to gain confirmation on the next steps on our path. So many times that familiar phrase would show up – ‘Perseverance furthers.’ Keep going. Don’t give up. And sure enough, eventually, what we kept our focus on did ultimately become our reality. The universe has its own timeline and we need to be patient and stay the course by taking one step at a time.

I hope you have the best year ever and may all your dreams come true. They surely will if you stay focused on them and keep taking the necessary actions to make them happen. Be fearless in pursuing your highest vision for your life, each and every day and be patient with yourself. Your perfect life is waiting for you. It’s just a matter of time.

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6 thoughts on “Setting New Year Intention

  1. Karyn, I am glad you have the guided meditations to work with. I am always grateful when my words and our music can help people center in. 52 meditations – one a week. Or all at once. And yes, they will help you fall asleep at night. Peaceful blessings to you, Dudley

  2. Your guided meditation DVD and CD arrived today in the mail. They were waiting for me this evening after I got home from work. 🙂 I’ve been relaxing to both of them, and am thinking the CD will make a nice backdrop for falling asleep each night. Thank you!

  3. Hiranya, Thanks for reading and commenting on my posts. Dean and I have had a fun time over the years dreaming our lives into existence. It’s always a process and I am amazed to look back at our notebooks and see how much of what we have accomplished in our lives began with writing it down in a journal. Blessings to you! Dudley

  4. Melody, May the music keep flowing through you and we look forward to hearing your musical dreams manifest in your new songs. Maybe some with the new sitar you got from Deobrat Mishra. Peace Through Music blessings, Dudley

  5. Thank you and Happy New Year .
    Talking about dreams , i noticed a wail back with each new song was a better possibly of creating another album I love music and how it flows through me …my dream is a living dream its open to reserve another song ….Amazing grace indeed …my pen and paper are ready !
    much love always

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