Plant An Apple Tree for Every ‘Apple’ Device You Use

It’s always a good time to be thinking about the planet and how we can help reforest the earth in our own time.  What do you think about this simple idea to aid in the re-greening of our home planet? = PLANT AN APPLE TREE FOR EVERY ‘APPLE’ DEVICE YOU USE. 
In our modern lives, we use many wonderful technological devices to tie together various aspects of our lives including smart phones, laptops, computers, iPods, iPads, etc.  At Soundings of the Planet, in our business and creative studios, we use a lot of ‘Apple’ devices. Do you? We find them helpful in many ways but like all technology, there is an environmental detriment that occurs in the making and using of technology.  A cascade of eco costs are accrued from the taking of natural resources out of the ground to the processing, packaging, transporting, distributing and then ultimate discarding of the device.  It’s not about Apple or Windows or any of that.  It’s about the lifestyle that we all (or at least many of us) live as we are go about our lives in the modern world.  Because of all this, we have a yearning to protect and give back to the planet in some way.  So with that in mind, Dean and Dudley Evenson, Soundings of the Planet co-founders, decided to launch the APPLES 2 APPLE TREES campaign and encourage people who use and enjoy the devices of any of our modern technologies to plant a tree or support the planting of trees around the world to help mitigate the environmental degradation that occurs from our use of the devices.  Even if you plant just one tree, you have represented yourself in a good way for future generations.  After all, food is life and what we eat and how we get it is the basis of who we are.  Remember that old saying ‘An apple a day keeps the doctor away.’  Planting an apple tree will help many people for generations to come keep the doctor away and help the planet at the same time.  Will you join us in this effort? Please visit and ‘Like’ our Facebook page and keep us posted on your tree planting progress.