Online Courses

Don’t have time to travel and attend conferences and workshops? You can learn from leading thinkers and wisdom keepers in the comfort of your own home with innovative online courses. Soundings of the Planet is pleased to offer several internet courses that support people’s meditation, relaxation and overall health and wellbeing. Please visit these websites to learn more about and register for courses by Dean and Dudley Evenson and other new thought leaders.

EXPERIENCE MUSIC AS MEDICINE – New Course Now Available on

After years of gathering interviews for this program, we are pleased that it is officially available now as a ten week course on  Click here to learn more about this exciting new online course.  Pay only what you can afford.

Would you like to learn how to use music and sound to connect with deeper levels of meditation and healing? Do you yearn to have inside access to the wisdom of leading mystics and thinkers in the consciousness field? In these ten hour long video programs, you will learn various ways that music and sound can deepen the meditative experience. You will hear about scientific research demonstrating the effectiveness of music in enhancing many areas of life.

Take advantage of this series of intimate, in-depth conversations about meditation and the transformative powers of music and sound to influence the mind and heal the body. Spend time in the comfort of your own home with doctors, sound healers, musicians, mystics and scientists in the emerging field of vibrational medicine as they share their deepest wisdom. You will feel like you are in the room personally conversing with these inspiring new thought leaders.  Hear from Joan Borysenko, Michael Beckwith, Rickie Byars Beckwith, Larry and Barbara Dossey, Don Campbell, Silvia Nakaach, Yungchen Lhamo, Tito LaRosa, Jonathan Ellerby, Gordon Dveirin, Deva Premal, Miten, Jonathan Goldman, Andi Goldman, Jill Purce, Wilbert Alix, Jeffrey Thompson, Christine Stevens, Remo Belli, Arthur Hull, Melinda Witter, Steven Halpern, Joshua Leeds, Donna Carey,  Scott Huckabay, Gary Schwartz, Dean and Dudley Evenson.

To see full list of sessions and presenters with links to their websites click here –                Experience Music As Medicine Presenters 

To sign up for course click here  Experience Music As Medicine.



A Year of Guided Meditations is a series of 52 guided meditations featuring profoundly positive principles and ways of becoming your highest self. Every week for a year, you will receive a new guided meditation spoken in a soothing voice along with a beautiful musical background and stunning video images of a nature. These high-powered “Be-Attitudes” are ideals and values to strive for. Each meditation is about a minute long and is spoken in the “I AM” tense with the understanding that as you repeat it or internally absorb it along with the spoken word, you are coming that much closer to actualizing the idea within you, in the present tense, at this moment. By speaking as if you are already embodying the principle, you are not waiting for it to manifest at a future time and it can truly manifest within you – in the Now. 


HOW TO MEDITATE USING SOUND TOOLS: Toning, Mantra, Chanting and Affirmations
on offers another great course dealing specifically with using music, sound, toning and chanting to enhance one’s meditation experience. Whether you have years of experience meditating and want to deepen your practice, or you are new at meditation and want to learn how to meditate, this course will be very beneficial. The course offers great background on meditation and includes a number of exercises to help the process. It is for beginners as well as experienced meditators who want to learn how to have deeper, more enriching meditations using sound.