Nature and Music: Healing People and the Planet

Published in Natural Awakenings Chattanooga, April 2015

Dean Evenson Native flute riverIn 1970, when sound-healing and video pioneers Dean and Dudley Evenson first became aware of the serious environmental issues threatening our world, they wanted to find a way to help educate people about the plight of the planet. They got that opportunity two years later, when they worked as videographers at the first United Nations Conference on the Human Environment in Stockholm, Sweden.

“In Stockholm we met and were exposed to the wisdom of the fifteen Native Americans who were at the conference talking about Mother Earth,” recalls Dudley Evenson. “We documented this historic event with the new, portable Sony video camera that had just become available, and looked for ways to apply these new ideas.”

The next year, Dean Evenson was invited to Wounded Knee on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota to help transmit television out of the occupied town. He stayed on the reservation a month, videotaping Lakota elders, activists and medicine men, who spoke strongly about the challenges facing the earth at that time. Again the Evensons contemplated this new information and tried to figure out a way to share what they were learning.

A few years later, now living in Tucson, Arizona, the Evensons decided to form a record label, Soundings of the Planet, to distribute  what Dean describes as “the music that was flowing through us.” He spent the night in a desert canyon, and as the sun rose, he used two stereo mikes to catch the sounds of the birds at dawn. The Evensons’ first album, Desert Dawn Song, included these sounds of dawn in the desert along with the couple’s calming music of flute, harp, cello and vocal tones.
Desert Dawn Song-SP-2223rgb

“This album was one of the very first to include meditative music along with field recordings of nature sounds, and it ushered in a whole new genre of music,” Dudley says. “This was our way of honoring the earth, and our vision was to get this nature-based music to people living in cities who made decisions about the fate of the planet.”

The Evensons have continued to create this special type of music, and over the past 35 years they have released more than 80 albums and videos dedicated to their vision of creating “peace through music.”

Dean has spent many hours next to flowing rivers or ocean beaches, and in wetlands, forests and mountain valleys, recording both audio and video. These “soundings of the planet” have found their way to a number of popular, award-winning albums and DVDs. The added bonus, Dudley says, is that the music seems to have a healing effect on listeners.

“Even though we didn’t start out trying to make healing music, that is exactly what happened,” she says.

The Evensons also added to their recordings the Earth Resonance Frequency (ERF) of 7.83 hz (cycles per second), which is the actual resonance of the planet’s atmospheric cavity, Dean explains. “This is also the same frequency that our brains emit when on the cusp of the alpha and theta brainwave states,” he says. “This tends to have a positive, healing effect on people, adding to the already peaceful state the music and nature sounds create.”

For more information on Dean and Dudley Evenson and their music and videos, visit; search “soundings of the planet” on Facebook or YouTube; visit their blog,; or call 800-93-PEACE (800-937-3223).

PS – I would love to hear how you have used our music.  And to those who comment, I’ll send you a free mp3 download!


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  1. Hi – you sound like a bit of a robot marketing thing. I have no problem with you promoting someone else’s music, but if you are a real person, please let me know.
    Thanks, Dudley (a real person)

  2. You’re right Julie, sometimes music is mislabeled as relaxing but we know Dean Evenson knows how to make music truly relaxing. Thanks for your support. Peace Through Music blessings!

  3. I tried listening to some old Ravi Shankar on YouTube that said it was relaxing in the description. Sorry, but Dean’s stuff is much less intense, and truly relaxing.

  4. Thanks Jolana. People keep giving us that feedback and we are grateful our music supports meditation and relaxation. Blessings.

  5. It’s amazing how long Ocean Dreams has been out and still remains popular. So glad it has been beneficial for you! Peace.

  6. The first cd I purchased, many years ago, was Ocean Dreams which still remains my favorite. Over the years I have purchased others but Ocean Dreams has been part of my yoga practice, calming influence when agitated, and regular listening while driving. Thank you for all that you have given to us!

  7. Always good to hear when plants and animals love our music. Research has been done that demonstrates the benefits of playing soft flute music helps seeds germinate faster. Great when science validates things we know by intuition!

  8. Loni, that’s a great idea to pipe our music everywhere. I’ll bet people would find themselves peaceful and smiling. Hope that happens!

  9. What a Wonderful world we would have if only more people in town would pipe your music in stores and elevators instead. Calm everybody right down & put a peaceful smile on their faces. Blessed be

  10. Ed, those were the days when we would go out and sell the music at street fairs and arts festivals. Thanks for taking the music out to the world. Would love to hear more about the impression we made on you. Peace!

  11. I worked for you selling CD’s on the fair circuit back in the 90’s. You made quite an impression on me. Many Thanks!

  12. Thank you Marci for being part of our music and the sound healing that it brings. Dean and I are honored to be part of this experience. Be well!

  13. My beautiful friend, Cindy, turned me on to your music 3 years ago. I enjoy the relaxing sounds of nature and your music anytime, anywhere.

    Thank you for your sound healing, and all that you bring through to the world being who you are!

  14. Anna, We are always so glad to hear when our music supports the healing process. And yes, combining music with meditation is just the ticket to heal both body and soul. Keep staying relaxed! It helps all other aspects of life.

  15. Lori, We miss going to the INATS show in Denver. I am actually going to Denver this weekend for a Hay House Conference which should be amazing. Sounds like you have a nice variety of our music from slow meditative to world beat and chant. Thanks for your kind words and hope to see you again.

  16. Brendan, glad you have a lot of our albums. We are grateful for fans like you! Forest Rain has always been a favorite of Dean’s and mine as it really reflects the northwest rainforest where we live. Hope you have a chance to check out our new ones too.

  17. I discovered your music when I started taking a Qigong class after knee surgery. The combination of your music with meditation-in-motion has healed my body and soul. Now I can listen to your music and instantly enter a relaxed state.

  18. Love your music and your Spirit! Have purchased many of your CD’s over the years and loved meeting you at the INATS shows years back (wow-over 10 years ago!). Eagle River, Healing the Holy Land, Wood over Water, Ocean Dreams, Meditation Moment, Sound Massage… And more, so many wonderful CD’s!! Thank you for sharing your healing music and your story. You are a lovely, lovely couple.

  19. good stuff. I have the majority of your labels albums. Forest Rain is still my favorite. I need to get a new copy of wood over water… the cd got super scratched before I had a chance to rip it to my computer 🙁

  20. Liz, I love hearing that our music supports childbirth and happy babies. So glad to know that music helps in all kinds of situations and bring new life through that portal is the best. Love to you and your family.

  21. I listened to Desert Moon Song every night to meditate and release power of my mind over my body during my pregnancy. The music helped me to give power to my baby and my body to follow where they needed to go during a very difficult pregnancy. Without this music I doubt I would have carried my daughter to term.

    During labor I listen to the same album. My daughter was turned face up so I had significant back labor. Once again this music helped me release control of my brain and let my body take over. The birth was completely natural and beautiful.

    After my daughter was born I would play Desert Mood Song for her and she would relax but become very aware. It was amazing to watch.

    I still listen to this album often. It gives me such power.

  22. Thanks for focusing on Celebrating the Season for the Earth. Every day is a good day to celebrate the Earth which provides for all.

  23. James that is interesting that you don’t purchase music anymore but I’m glad you chose to buy Harmonic Way as it is one you will enjoy playing over and over again. That’s the trouble with streaming since you can’t keep playing something you have enjoyed. I do hope you have created ‘Dean Evenson’ stations on Pandora and Spotify. Then at least you can hear a variety of our music. Take care.

  24. Glad you have been able to use our Soundings of the Planet music to unwind and achieve peace. Our motto is Peace Through Music and the music seems to achieve that~ Blessings.

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