My Sacred Laundry Room: Creating Personal Sanctuary

Sacred Laundry Room

To keep your sanity with a busy, fast-paced life, it’s important to take a break for personal quiet time. When you set aside time and find that place for sanctuary, your physical and emotional health will benefit. It is helpful if you can define a physical space where you can devote yourself to inner healing work. This can be anything from a room devoted for meditation, to a small corner in your bedroom or living room or a spot in nature.

I have made my laundry room into a sacred space where I do yoga and meditate. I used to do my yoga in the living room but having this separate space is much better and doesn’t interfere with my husband, Dean Evenson’s morning process. My laundry room had been a place where junk collected but now I treat it with lots more respect.  I painted the walls a golden color and added, plants, an altar and put sacred art on the walls. Of course, it’s set up so I can play music to create a soothing ambiance. I love the privacy and peace it provides. Whatever place you choose, this is your special sanctuary where you can do your morning exercises or sit quietly and meditate, free from distractions as you let go of any worries or cares of the world or whatever is going on in your personal life. In this sacred space you can focus on bringing harmony and peace into your life.

Years ago I read an inspiring book called The Magic of Findhorn by Paul Hawken. In it, Eileen Caddy, the founder of Findhorn, lived in a trailer (in Scotland they called it a ‘caravan’) with her husband, three children and another friend. Of course there was no privacy so she chose to go into the public bathrooms to meditate.  And it worked.  She had profound meditations and visions there and gained deep insights about how to garden working with the nature spirits of the land and the result was the flourishing spiritual community of Findhorn, in balance with nature.

I am fortunate to actually have a laundry room but I know many people live in small spaces with other people so don’t have the option of a separate room.  In those cases, I recommend finding a quiet place in nature, in a park or any place where you can ‘get away from it all’ and sit quietly, close your eyes and go within.  Earphones and quiet music can help create peaceful space, even in the midst of external distractions.

I would love to hear the kinds of sacred spaces you have been able to find or create to support your meditation.  Comment here and I’ll send you a free mp3 meditation music track from Soundings of the Planet.

6 thoughts on “My Sacred Laundry Room: Creating Personal Sanctuary

  1. Christy, it’s always fun when you realize you can create sacred space anywhere in your home. Having a pleasant, quiet place to read, meditate, do yoga and calm and center yourself makes a big difference in ones busy life. It would be fun to see a picture of what your create in your home. Blessings, Dudley

  2. Thank you so much, Dudley. I have a space in my home where I read and relax that I’ll turn into my sacred space – it won’t take much to be transformed. I appreciate your guidance around this. Much appreciated!


  3. Meredith, you are one who truly knows how to create personal sanctuary. And glad you know to listen to peaceful music and work with crystals to create a heavenly space. Many blessings, Dudley

  4. Hi, Dudley,
    I love your new sacred space – great idea!!

    I am fortunate to have privacy in my bedroom. I have headphones that I listen to meditation music on (many times by you and Dean or James Twyman). I hold an amethyst heart in my right hand and a pyramid made of amber in my left. I often burn incense as well. Propped on my King bed with lots of pillows, it’s…heavenly!
    Love and hugs,

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