Life is our Dream

by Dudley Evenson
I awoke one morning from a bad dream full of frustration and inability to control what was happening to me.  Sometimes dreams are like that, but not always…

Does your life ever feel like a bad dream?  Well, change the dream!  You have the power to change your dreams.  You dreamed your life into existence exactly the way it is.  Do you love it?  Do you feel frustrated by it?  Life is an evolving dream.  You have the power and responsibility to keep the dream alive and fresh by constantly working it until it works for you.  You are the dreamer.  Your life is your dream.

You are also part of a larger dream.  God’s dream.  The dream of Creation.  Nature’s dream.   Look around you at the beauty and perfection of the natural world. Now look around and see what man has done to this natural beauty.  Sometimes it works, but too often it doesn’t.  We are also a part of society’s dream, of humanity’s dream.

We still have the power to change humanity’s dream. We are part of the human family which is dreaming the life of society.  What kind of dream do we want to have for ourselves, for our families and friends?  If it isn’t what we see around us, then we really need to get to work and help evolve humanity’s dreams!

Here’s some dreamy Soundings music to go along with your dreamscapes –
Ocean Dreams, Healing Dreams, Spa Dreams, Dreamstreams