In Celebration of All Kinds of Mothers

As Mother’s Day approaches, we want to honor all mothers everywhere. Mothers come in all shapes, sizes and temperaments. Different cultures have different patterns of mothering. Mothers have different challenges and issues depending on their circumstances. Whether mothers have ‘First World Problems’ or ‘Third World’ Problems,’ they all need support and love from their family and community.

If our mother was loving and caring, we can be inspired by her love. If our mother had a pack of problems and didn’t know how to love us, we can be inspired by what she wasn’t and strive to be a better person ourselves. We can learn from whatever situation we are given. No matter how our mother did or didn’t give us the love we wanted, we can choose to love her. If our mother is no longer living, we can still give love to her. If we have unfinished business with our mom, we can do our best to forgive her and move on.

Mothering is a very complex and challenging process and I might add – one of the most important ‘jobs’ a woman can ever do.  As a mother, we strive to do our best based on our background and awareness, but often it seems like we can’t do anything right, especially according to our teenage kids. So during this week of remembering and honoring mothers, let’s remember to reach out to our own mother if she is living and to all the mothers in our world and let them know how much they are appreciated.

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2 thoughts on “In Celebration of All Kinds of Mothers

  1. You are so right about motherhood being a celebration of life. I remember learning a long time ago that the word ‘sacrifice’ actually means
    ‘sacred gift’. That is a much grander way of looking at motherhood than as something that causes suffering. Being a mother is the sacred gift we give to sustaining all life.

  2. A Celebration of motherhood, at the most basic level, is a celebration of life. A celebration of life enables one to grow while advancing the human race towards a loving existence with the ultimate Mother- Mother Earth. Here’s to all mothers, willing or reluctant, for their contribution towards sustaining life.

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