Honoring Mother Earth and our Native Communities

We love nature! Ever since we were young, Dean Evenson and I have enjoyed camping, hiking and just being in nature. Dean was an avid bird watcher and even achieved the honor of becoming an Eagle Scout with its associated merit badges. I used to explore the trails in the woods behind my house, imagining the Indians who walked there in a long ago age before cities, suburbs and super highways.

Dudley Dean mt lakeIt seems that time has only increased our love of the natural world and it doesn’t take much to get us out into wilderness areas. Last week, on a warm sunny day, we found ourselves high up on Mt. Baker near our home doing what we love to do – photographing, videotaping and sitting quietly on the mountainside with its vast vistas and sense of peaceful stillness.

It was our early exposure to the philosophy of Native American cultures that inspired us to consider the planet as a living body, our Mother Earth. In 1972, a couple years after the very first Earth Day, we attended the United Nations Conference on the Human Environment and met 15 Native Americans who had been sent over by Stewart Brand, founder of the Whole Earth Catalog.2 UN Earth SummitsHe had arranged for them to offer their influence on diplomats and environmentalists, to share their wisdom about Mother Earth. Dean and I videotaped them and were profoundly impressed with their powerful message, so different from the others at the conference.

This week, four decades after that first exposure, we were honored to participate in the Indigenous People’s Day celebration at the Lummi Indian Nation, a nearby Native American tribe. 

It was inspiring to see how far our Native brothers and sisters have come back to their traditional ways and how proudly they carry the message of the Earth. This beautiful mother planet that we all share was the initial impetus for the music Dean and I create through our label Soundings of the Planet. Nature was our first inspiration and many of our recordings include the sounds of the natural world. May we learn to care for this Earth, our living home, and find ways to give back to the planet and to the original people and all who struggle here.

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2 U.N. Earth Summits: 1972 & 1992


4 thoughts on “Honoring Mother Earth and our Native Communities

  1. Laura, thanks for dropping by my blog. We are blessed in this part of the world to have such an abundance of pristine nature that we can retreat to. I truly think that nature can heal most of our woes, whether physical or spiritual, and now we need to focus on healing our beautiful Earth. Finding ways we can ‘give back’ to nature is the challenge of our times. Blessings to you! Dudley

  2. Dudley what a beautiful blog. Nature is my teacher, my inspiration, my comfort, my joy!
    Thank you for such a lovely tribute to our common mother.
    Love to you and Dean,

  3. Dean, you are one who truly knows the blessings of nature and you continue to inspire me with your reference and dedication to seeing our beautiful planet healed! Thank you for all you are and all you do to bring us into harmony with Mother Earth.

  4. The natural world reflects to us a universe of beauty and joy. Every moment of fascination with the flows and ebbs of the truly living world brings a sense of peace and wonder. The original inhabitants of this land learned to live here in harmony with the Great Mystery that resides in all of creation. It brings much joy to the heart when one can align oneself to the wise ways that used to be the main stay of a living philosophy that gave us subtle keys to the how and why we are here. Oh thank you endless source of creation for all the gifts we have received.

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