From the Cabin

St. Francis ice crystalsDudley is in the house, sitting at computer at the dining room table. Dean is in the barn searching his hard drives for master tracks from Chakra Healing to use on the new Chakra Meditations & Tones album we are working on.  It is really cold outside, down in the low 20s or teens. We had a tiny snowfall the other day and some is still on the ground.  It’s this kind of condition that causes magical ice cycles to grow out of the grass, leaves and garden statuary each cold night drawing more moisture from the air and turning the dew into icy crystals that grow longer with each passing day.  And if we should be fortunate to get some snow followed by a cold spell, the crystals would extend a few inches reflecting every ray of sunlight passing through them. 


Is it possible to have too many things to share and find that it is hard to choose where to begin so nothing gets offered?  I think that was a question but implied in it is the answer which is of course my dilemma.  I have floundering around in my mind so many stories and recipes and how to’s but they don’t seem to find their way to my writing.  I am constantly blogging in my mind.  Oh, I have something to say about a lot of things, but in the midst of daily duties, those thoughts don’t get put down and no post is made. Part of the challenge is we are so busy living our lives that there is barely time to document our process. But maybe that does not matter. We have already documented our lives in intimate detail through many forms of media.  Now is the time to gather up what we have already put down on paper, photographed or recorded on video or audio and organize it into little snippets to post on our blog and share with the world.


What is it that people would like to hear from us?  Are there any burning questions or wonderments that we could respond to? We have experience in long-term relationship success with over four decades of marriage and also in creating and managing an enduring creative business partnership for over 30 years. We are passionately concerned about the fate of our planet and use our creative and artistic expression as a vehicle to educate people about the environment.  We are highly intentioned about healthy living and are strong advocates of conscious self-care.  Add to that our pioneering media work with early portable video in 1970 through at least ten different formats of video.  Plus thousands of photographs from the 60s to now spanning the globe and many cultures including our own emerging culture with its unique twists and innovations.  Not to mention over 70 albums of music and many videos that we have produced and distributed to a world in need of our Peace Through Music offerings.


So let us know what we can share with you now.  What is your question?  We might have an answer and if not us, perhaps some of our readers will be able jump into the conversation and add their insights.  We want this to be a shared blog experience.  We’ll post and you add your thoughts.  Of course that’s how it works.  But we’ve never done this before so it will be fun to see what transpires in the conversation.  And we do so look forward to hearing your perspective and ideas on things as we respond to our healthy living dreams.