Desert Dawn Song 35th Anniversary Edition

Desert Dawn SongThere is something quite magical about the sounds of dawn in the desert.  For this recording, Dean Evenson spent the night in a desert canyon near Tucson, Arizona.  Just before dawn, he placed out two microphones for a stereo recording of the joyous birdsong.  The natural sounds then formed the inspiration for the music.

Desert Dawn Song was one of the very first recordings using natural sounds combined with peaceful music.  Dudley Evenson’s haunting vocals and harp merge with the dawn bird calls. Dean, a classically trained flutist and Jonathan Kramer, a classically trained cellist composed their music as it was being played, blending classical structures with jazz improvisations and in the process created a completely new form of music.

The Evensons wanted to share the wisdom they were learning from Native Americans about the Earth as a living being and including the natural sounds with the music was a way they could honor the Earth. Their vision was for the music to carry the message of nature to people in cities who made decisions affecting the fate of the planet.

This early album launched a whole new genre of music now known as New Age, Healing, Relaxation, or Nature Music.  Massage therapists were the first to discover that this music could enhance their healing practice. In the early days, Dean and Dudley sold their tapes at swap meets and very soon received feedback about the healing effects of their music. Then letters poured in and they realized that the nature-based music they were creating was having a healing effect on people.  The rest is history!

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6 thoughts on “Desert Dawn Song 35th Anniversary Edition

  1. Brian, great to meet you too. Thanks for coming by my blog. Your place sounds wonderful. Keep in touch especially when you are in Bellingham. Blessings!

  2. Hey Dudley, Brian here from Bills shindig.
    Very nice connecting with you two. I live along Hood canal in Quilcene. During the spring, many loons pair up and I believe, have their young nearby. At sunrise, they often sing their haunting, warbling song. Add that to the grosbeaks, siskens and house finches and the odd honker or two in the marsh across the street, and I have my own morning symphony,conducted by time and light and produced by eons of a healthy environment. I never tire of this early auditory treat. Come visit some time. Have a big organic garden and lots of fresh seafood across the street. Great meeting you both. Brian.

  3. Thanks Leonardo, we are always grateful when our music hits the spot. After 80 albums and videos in over 35 years, we keep on going (and having fun!) Be well!

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