Dean and Dudley reading love poems to each other

Red rose with dew by Dudley Evenson

Happy Valentine’s Day to you!  We pray you have a special someone to read love poems to.
And we hope you don’t think it’s too corny but we were having fun the other day reading love poems to each other.

It’s nice to be romantic together.  No need to go out and spend money on a fancy dinner or expensive date although that can be nice too.  Stay home, play some soft mood music, eat some chocolate, and try reading poetry to each other.

Here’s what Dean wrote.  Can you see why I like him so much!

Comprehensive compassion asks for no favors as it re-energizes all in its sphere of energy available at the drop of a smile formed across the gaps of caring,  Rejoice in the miracle of life unfolding in perfect harmony as the sun continues to gift us with its blessing.

Our love is a process that makes the heavens sing.  Ripples heard round the world within the heart beyond time cause a whirlwind of wonder.
~ Dean Evenson, February 2015

2 thoughts on “Dean and Dudley reading love poems to each other

  1. Thanks Jasmine for your kind words. We are honored to be able to share our love. And I appreciate you! Saw your paintings last night displayed at The Pickford. Congratulations.

  2. This is a Wonder-Full gift; sharing a measure of time, an element of verse, with us, as with your Love. this; a constant reminder to slow down and to bring everything back, back, and Back around again…into Presence: those moments of profound presence.
    thank you for sharing your love with all of us, Dudley and Dean.
    i deeply appreciate the both of you.

    hasta pronto!

    jasmine jean.

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