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4 EARTH: Natural Sounds of Ocean, Stream, River, Pond

“Leave it to Dean Evenson, one of the true pioneers of incorporating nature sounds with New Age music, to release a fantastic collection of ‘pure nature’ soundscapes.  Featuring sounds from the four environments listed in the album title, each segment is 15 minutes long, thus making the CD a solid recommendation to your massage-therapist customers.  The recording quality is pristine, capturing the quietest background noise of each birdcall, each chirp of a cricket, and so on.  Despite there being four separate and distinct environments, Evenson has structured the recording so the play-through element is spot-on.”
– Bill Binkelman, Retailing Insight Magazine


“Awesome!!!!!  Scott is is one of the most gifted guitarists on the planet. His music is very spiritual and moving. I recommend his music to anyone who loves the guitar, or any music for that matter. “
— AMAZON customer

“Great album, easy to listen to.  I have a couple his works and I’m going to buy more of them.”
— Kevin B. Lindsey

“Scott Huckabay on stage has a somewhat distant relationship to Scott on CD. The CDs are beautiful and enjoyable – but I wish they offered more of the experimentation that I experienced seeing Scott live. The live performances are like ritual, they can literally take you on a “journey”. Peyote without the peyote… They cast you down into those dark, sad places, and lift you up into the joy that connects us all. Scott’s presence and music brim with spirituality. Dolphins and whales? Yes, they do swim through the chords. As the US Navy prepares to deploy a Very Low Frequency Sonar System that may wipe out cetacean populations across the oceans, Scott’s music comes across even more poignantly as a testimony.”
— Laurent, El Sobrante, CA

“Music is great.  Live performance is nothing but excellent.  Scott’s music is very good. You’ll hear familiar yet unique passages. Don’t make the mistake of thinking ‘oh. I’ve heard that before’. If you see Scott in concert, you’ll have a profound appreciation for his music. As you listen, realize that this guy is playing from his soul.”
— AMAZON customer


“If we destroy the land and resources on which we depend, and with which we live, then we are destroying ourselves. We depend on the caribou and our survival depends on their protection. We cannot tolerate any harm to the renewable resources that have sustained my people and our ancestors for many thousands of years.”
— Norma Kassi, Gwich’in leader from Old Crow, Yukon


“You and Dean are amazing.  Thank you so much for your work, and for sharing your joy in everything you do.  This morning I listened to ‘Ascension to Tibet’ and loved it all over again.  I like your soundings website.”
— Andy McBride

“How can you go to the top of the world and not be changed? Inspired by the highest mountains on the planet and the people who live there, Dean and Dudley Evenson produced yet another excellent collection of ‘New Age’ or Ambience Music. Call it what you will, this is great music to listen to when the stresses start to pile up. This collection of 11 songs features flute, keyboard and natural recording by Dean and harp and bells from Dudley as well as other talented musicians. You can hear the influence of the monks they met in Tibet and Nepal.”
— Michael Bond, Amazon customer

A Sound Sleep by Dudley & Dean EvensonA SOUND SLEEP: Guided Meditations with Relaxing Music and Nature Sounds

“What a perfect gift for those of us who seek assistance in relaxing, preparing for and experiencing a divine night’s sleep!  In these chaotic and challenging times it is becoming more difficult to relax and rest.  Dudley’s exquisite voice; so perfect, so beautiful, so calming, coupled with the melodious sounds of beautiful instruments and peaceful sounds of nature makes this CD a treasure.   Not only does ‘A Sound Sleep’ support a wonderful night’s sleep, but also provides affirmations for letting go of discordant energies and restoring healthy balance to Body, Mind and Spirit!  Thank you, Dudley, for creating a sleep ‘system’ that will bless so many people with restorative, recuperative, blissful Sleep!”

– Diana LaDue Hand (Founder/Owner of Wise Awakening)

“A Sound Sleep” is a wonderful nighttime ritual for anyone who has trouble falling or staying asleep.  With its subliminal alpha, theta and delta frequencies, the CD gently guides you to dreamland.  It is a perfect bedside companion for our overstressed lives.  Breathe deeply with the meditations and music and be transported to another world — a world of soothing sounds from two very caring — and talented musicians, Dean and Dudley Evenson.  And if you put the CD on ‘repeat’ mode, it will help you all night long.

Tracy Ivie, Author, Why Count Sheep When You Can SLEEP?  <>


“The path to serenity opens before you when you indulge in this healing resource from Dudley Evenson.  A YEAR OF GUIDED MEDITATIONS features centering affirmations set against natural imagery and the music of Dean Evenson.  The imagery includes seascapes, garden shots, woodland plants and quiet meadows, with the video footage of foliage blowing in the breeze and birds flying through the air.  Dudley’s affirmations focus on helping you to embrace peace and love, while remembering to forgive, be compassionate and letting go of negative emotions.  By focusing on your blessings and releasing stressors, one can live a life filled with positivity and joy.  Further adding to the program’s tranquil vibe is Dean’s haunting flute melodies which give the affirmations and imagery a soft, zen quality.” – Music Design, In Review


“I purchased the ‘Back to the Garden’ CD and was enveloped with awe and warmth.  I recently re-read the CD cover and was enlightened by the quotes within.  I decided to peruse your site and have again found myself in solace with the spirit of your music.”
— Kimberly Lemmon, Busby, Alberta, CANADA


“Between Two Worlds is the culmination of a mystical journey. You simply MUST pay close attention to this CD in its entirety, with quality stereo/headphones, in bed, in the car– just listen anywhere that allows you to give it your undivided, uninterrupted attention. Because trust us, you WILL feel compelled to stop whatever it is you happen to be doing at the moment and simply absorb all of the harmoniously resonating tones, the intriguing melodies and the often spellbinding voices. Between Two Worlds is an exquisitely composed [and produced] masterpiece of delicious instrumental sounds and flowing interpretations… with a deeper substance and meaning… that implores us all to discover our universe… that we truly are as the word universe implies… ‘one song'”
–UPBEAT Entertainment News Syndicate

Chakra Healing


“Chakra Healing is selling tremendously well at the Chopra Center.  We use it during massage treatments and people have been very responsive to the music and always want to take the CD home with them.  I have been listening to Dean Evenson’s CDs for along time and find them extremely effective during healing sessions.”
— Holly Hatfield, Director Chopra Center & Spa at Dream, New York, NY

“As an Energy Medicine Practitioner I find ‘Chakra Healing’ particularly valuable. As a radio programmer/host I am delighted to share this excellent album with my listeners. Each chakra is addressed most lovingly.  The liner notes are clear, concise and useful to practitioners of many levels…This is a terrific sound healing tool and musical work, true to Soundings of the Planet’s famous tradition of excellence.”
— Kitty Norris, IRIDIUM RADIO

“Dean Evenson’s Chakra Healing CD is wonderful!  In addition to the ingenious music, I appreciate the information you provided in the booklet about the chakras.  It is cohesive, understandable and very useful for me. In addition to my personal practice, I offer massage treatments at a major corporation.  I also do Reiki sessions focusing on the chakras so I am going to be enhancing the treatments I provide based on your music.  I like the aspect of beginning with the root chakra and going up through the crown.  The eighth track will be helpful to bring balance to all the chakras.  I also look forward to retailing your music which will help me to create additional income in my practice.  My clients will love having it available as they often ask about the music I use.”
— Crichton Gilcrease, LMT, Reiki Practitioner, Aesthetician, Phoenix, AZ


“The selections chosen for this recording represent the basic principles of classical music in general: Order, harmony and balance.   [Tom Barabas’] gentle piano playing results in compositions that sound as if they were meant to be used for relaxation and massage therapy.”


“Desert Moon Song was the straw that broke our TV’s back. Thanks for the inner time.”
— R. Lee, Taylor, MI


“My most favorite so far is Dreamstreams.  I’ve been looking for some peaceful, soft, gentle, healing, relaxing music, and Dreamstreams fits so well to what I’ve had in mind to find. Simply exquisite!  The cover is also gorgeous – with the beautiful waterfall in the rainforest and the planet and galaxies interwoven.  Thank you very much, for the wonderful music and your lovely intentions and all you do for the upliftment of the planet and humanity.  Looking forward to the big shift coming up!”
— Love, Light, Joy & Freedom, Jean

“I received your “Dreamstreams” and “Meditations” in the mail yesterday. I could not believe the peace that literally poured over me as I listened to your miraculous music. I have been collecting music to relax and meditate with for many years. Hundreds of CD’s and I’ve never experienced anything like I do with your music. With your music, you should see my 14 years old diabetic cat relay and stretch to her heart’s content, unusual due to her illness. My next order is enclosed.”
— Maureen Sturcus, West Chester PA

Eagle River


“This CD is a standout in the Native American-inspired genre. Offered as “a musical prayer for the health and well-being of all the earth’s rivers and water systems,” the opening cut, River on the Rocks is quite beautiful, with gentle flute, guitar, and river sounds. All cuts flow, as a river, into the next. Eagle Flies High, with a lovely Native American flute duet, is introduced by the sound of eagle calls and the flowing river. A notable ensemble makes this a must have for those who turn to music for refuge, healing, and peace.” — CREATIONS MAGAZINE


“This DVD is perfect for everyone because life is a stressful event. If it were up to me, it would be played in every hospital so people would heal faster; in every office to reduce the risk of heart attack, strokes, and illnesses; and in every home to reduce conflict and enhance relationships. The natural water images and music are therapeutic. Research reveals their value. The images and sounds can help a person flow through difficult times and find a sense of calm as they reconnect with the sea of peace.”
— Bernie Siegel, MD, author of Love, Medicine & Miracles

“As the wounded soldiers and marines arrive every week at Walter Reed Army Medical Center, it is nice to have [Evenson’s] music as part of our care plan to meet their need to relax and rest while they recuperate from their injuries. The music also helps our patients focus on their healing and not the chronic pain they endure constantly. It is helpful for them to relax and not dwell on the bad dreams or images that they can see … Some find them very helpful to get to sleep.”
— John L. Kallerson, Chaplain (Major) US Army Senior Chaplain Clinician, Walter Reed Army Medical Center

“I am grateful for the many people who are trying to make the world a better place with their devotion to healing therapy through music, and Dean and Dudley Evenson are certainly among my favorites…I feel so blessed to be able to start my day with some exercises I do while watching the EAGLE RIVER DVD … There is no greater gift than a generous heart and that would be all of you at Soundings of the Planet and Dean and Dudley Evenson and the Soundings Ensemble.  Thank you all so much for your devotion to healing!!”
— Cindy Bergeson, Fairbanks, Alaska

“At work, I put the Eagle River DVD on in my office and leave it on the whole time during.  It has a very calming effect.  I do guided imagery and take my clients into a state of relaxation where they share whatever comes up for them.  They relax and remember the good times in their lives.  It also helps me to relax so I can help them relax.”
— P. Gibson, Substance Abuse Therapist

“I rented your EAGLE RIVER DVD from the library and I was absolutely blown away.  I loved the images and what a good, good thing it is.  I had a couple of ‘upsets’ during the week, and I put it on, and just ‘sat’ with it, and it was so helpful…I’m giving your DVD as Xmas presents!”
— Julia Crouch, Bellingham, WA


“I’ve been a huge fan for several years, ever since my father (who is the music buyer for a chain of music and book stores) received a promo of “Forest Rain.”  I quickly adopted it as my own and have since purchased several other CD’s.  I have never found more peaceful, soothing music and I feel that, every time I play one of your CD’s, the spirit in my home is cleansed and purified by the heart and soul of your peaceful, moving music. My 3 year old daughter is also a big fan now and I’d love to see a live show someday.  Please add my name to your mailing list so I can be kept up-to-date on the doings of Soundings.”

A warm, reflective paean to North American temperate rainforests, Forest Rain from flautist-keyboardist Dean Evenson stands as one musician’s interpretive soundtrack of the moods, subtleties, and cycles inherent in the few remaining stands of such forests. Recorded in 1993, a few of Evenson’s synthesizer textures may sound faintly dated (appearing a bit too shiny in places), but this is a minor distraction in an otherwise well-executed recording notable for its sense of calm and its elevated degree of musicianship. More than tree-huggers playing simplistic melodies, Evenson and company (d’Rachel and wife Dudley Evenson on harp, Jonathan Kramer on cello) create gentle atmospheres (some with keyboards, some without) that eschew overt melodicism in favor of evocative soundscapes that capture the quiet majesty of grand trees. Highlights: Evenson’s softly searching flute passages in the 10-minute “Deep Forest”; the glowing, Suzanne Ciani-like “Branching Out”; and the closer, “Prayer for the Ancient Trees,” featuring the drumming and chants of a Lummi Nation member. The disc’s attractive packaging includes an educational insert outlining the benefits humans derive from a healthy temperate rainforest. 
— Terry Wood, AMAZON.COM


”This is my new favorite album to listen to around the house. My sister knows that I love Dean Evenson’s music so she bought this for me for my birthday. It’s easy to listen to and is upbeat and energetic and grooving. Pipers of Beltane is my favorite track, I can’t get enough of it . . . ”
— AMAZON customer review

Golden Spa Tones


COVR Visionary Awards Judges’ Comments:
“Tranquil and soothing.  A great blend of sound.”

“A wonderful relaxing and well-engineered piece.  Very quiet and peaceful as the sounds are absorbed into a stream of meditation.  A wonderful, peaceful addition for this category, helping with spiritual transformation, meditation, healing, and contemplative yoga practice.”

“The relaxing sound of the ocean and the tones of the bowls creates a peaceful place to transport your soul.”


“This sixth title in the SOUND HEALING SERIES beautifully bonds sound healing pioneer Evenson’s fluid flute with Huckabay’s trance guitar, offering an experience of soft repose. It contains the “Earth Resonance Frequency” shown to promote a deeper sense of relaxation and height-ened peacefulness. Sinking softly on the breath of drifting melodic flute and carried deeper with the guitar’s hypnotic strings, these ten sound-satisfying creations gently wash away stress like a deep mind massage. The mesmerizing vocalizations of Gina Sala, Dudley Evenson’s otherwordly harp, and cello, viola, and singing bowls add layers like silky velvet sheets whose cascade of gentle sounds soothes and refreshes. Listeners may feel awakened, as if from nectar-sweet sleep in the enchanting, healing land of dreams.”

“On HEALING DREAMS, pioneer flautist Dean Evenson teams up with trance guitarist Scott Huckabay to create a musical journey that opens the listener to the deeper places in the soul where healing can occur. Evenson and Huckabay are joined by Gina Sala, whose dreamy vocalizations add a rich dimension to the recording, Walter Makichen, who adds the unique tonal qualities of singing bowls, Dudley Evenson on harp, Jonathan Kramer on cello and Phil Heaven on viola.”


“I don’t have any complaints or problems with the Healing Sanctuary CD I just bought today and listened to; on the contrary, I am writing to express my sincere gratitude for your genuine, heartfelt, unique, touch-the-soul music.  I’m not usually one for meditation, but this tape completely transformed my physical being. Thank you, from my heart, for this unbelievable, other-worldly, love encompassing music. I immersed my whole being in every note and basked in the unparalleled relaxation each song delivered. I will treasure this music forever.”
— CAC, Phoenix, AZ


“I really love your music and I was happy to be the one to write the review for our magazine. We play it here in the office all the time. Everyone has been enjoying Healing Sanctuary since we got it. It really has a soothing and calming effect!”
— Linda Palmer, Managing Editor/Owner of NATURAL AWAKENINGS MAGAZINE


“HEALING SUITE  is absolutely beautiful! My classes love it. Your music really is healing on many, many levels.”
— Lilias Folan, Yoga Pioneer & Best-selling author

Soundings of the Planet has yet graced humanity with another amazing healing CD, their newest title aptly named “HEALING SUITE” featuring Dean Evenson on flutes, Tom Barabas on keyboards and introducing Natalie Twigg on oboe and English horn.  Longtime collaborators Evenson and Barabas have created uplifting moods as their instrumentation flows seamlessly together.  As you listen to this CD, there are the signature Evenson rifts, but this time, you are brought to a whole new level of conscious awareness.  The music automatically puts you in your own healing suite or cocoon where you can disembark from the tensions of the world and allow your mind, spirit and body to become one with the music, blending within the tracks.  For those interested in reducing your carbon footprint, the CD comes in eco-wallet packaging, is made from post consumer recycled paper, is printed  with soy ink and contains no plastics making it fully recyclable. — NEW LIVING MAGAZINE

“HEALING SUITE captures a delicacy and a sense of mystery that is way beyond other artists.”
— John Shelton Ivany, NATIONAL NEWS BUREAU

“As you listen to this CD, there are the signature Evenson rifts, but this time, you are brought to a whole new level of conscious awareness.  The music automatically puts you in your own healing suite or cocoon where you can disembark from the tensions of the world and allow your mind, spirit and body to become one with the music, blending within the tracks.”

“As usual with your music, we could not wait to get home with it, and popped it into the car player. It is superlative!”
— Kitty Norris, IRIDIUM RADIO

“HEALING SUITE  is another great CD from Dean Evenson.  Dean Evenson (and anything from his Soundings of the Planet label) is absolutely one of my favorite artists for relaxation music, and this CD is fantastic. Dean Evenson is the master of relaxation music. I am a massage therapist and have been using his music in my practice for the past 14 years. I received Peaceful Pond in 1995 as a gift, and have purchased his music ever since.”
— Pamela J. Pingitore, LMT, Gaffney, SC


“Dean and Dudley Evenson are the kind of peace proselytizers that would make a conscious objector look like a raging war monger. It permeates their music… on Healing the Holy Land, they’ve curated a powerful collection of trans-global hymns centered on the Middle East. … They pave the way for artists often tapping their own ancestral roots, but in new ways. … they don’t hit a false note in a collection that forges a message of universal peace for a region that has rarely known that state of existence.”
— AMAZON.COM review by John Diliberto, ECHOES Host & Producer


“I wanted to express my family’s gratitude for Mr. Everson’s CD ‘Healing Waters’.  My father was admitted to a local hospital with an unknown aliment, complicated by Alzheimer’s, which was determined to be terminal.  The local hospice was full, requiring my Dad to stay in that hospital for his final 9 days during which time he seemed to know that we were all gathering from around the country and globe (a niece in the military was stationed in South Korea so the Red Cross had to arrange her trip home).  I brought a small CD player to the room and stuck in Mr. Evenson’s CD which not only relaxed my Dad, but brought a calm to the room.  So as we sat and talked, laughed and cried, ate and slept, with this beautiful, relaxing music floating in the background.  Originally, when it was determined that Dad would not be moved, the staff on the floor where VERY displeased:  you could tell by their demeanor anytime they came into the room, by their attitude at the nurses’ station.  It wasn’t that they were uncaring, just we assumed frustrated by the inability to heal.  As the week progressed, with this wonderful music coming from the room, with the sense of peace filling the space, the staff’s reaction changed.  You could feel it in their vibes. But most of all I, on behalf of my family, would like to thank Mr. Evenson for the peace, calm, and pleasure the music seemed to bring our father in those last days before his passing.  Although he could not express it in words, when the CD would end and had to be restarted (or we would put in another CD) Dad would become restless in his sleep or un-cooperative if awake.”
— Sharon M. Hart


“I bought the Instruments of Peace cassette in 1990 and am thrilled to find it on cd. There are no words to express how good this collection really is. Just buy it – you be glad you did!”
— S. Dostal

“Timeless music. This CD is a remastering of a beautiful cassette called INSTRUMENTS OF PEACE. Singh Kaur has one of the most beautiful voices that I have ever heard. The timelessness of INSTRUMENTS OF PEACE lives on in IMAGINE PEACE.”
— Jeannine Otchis, Maui, Hawaii

“Although there is some new material on this CD, it is primarily a remix of the “Instruments of Peace” CD. When “Instruments of Peace” was released, it found a regular spot in my CD rotation for 2-3 years. Dean has done a nice job with the remix and I’m sure that I will be listening to this CD for an equal amount of time. I never tire of Singh Kaur’s clear pure vocals and the collaborations with the Soundings Ensemble make this music beautiful and uplifting. Enjoy!”
— ZenDude


“Tom Barabas is a new entry to my collection, and ‘Journey Back to Sedona’ will be placed in my top 5.  Barabas shows mastery in creating an album that captures your soul, cradling it while being taken on a journey. The masterful work is more the work of movements than song.  … The entire album is a joy to listen to. Tom’s piano work, along with the accompanying performances of other instrumentalists blend together to create an overall movement worthy of spending hours listening to.”
— Eric, Anchorage, Alaska

One can’t really look at one recording as a sequel to another, but as much as is possible, Journey Back to Sedona is in the same vein as it’s predecessor Sedona Suite. Both feature Tom Barabas’ piano work, backed by electronics, harp, strings, etc. Surprisingly, the albums do not really sound like one another – even staying in the same genre, Barabas manages to stay original, which is saying a lot.  My favorite on this album is a very fine rendition of After The Rain in which Barabas plays a duet against a horn section. He shows strong classical roots in his performances, carefully avoiding the meandering new age style that is so prevalent. A piece like Visions recalls the traditional concerto form, full of very strong pianism. It is the kind of work that would be just at home on an auditorium stage as it is in my CD player… Barabas’ playing is excellent, as is his compositional skill….This is a great album to kick back and listen to, with a musical depth that is often missing in contemporary music. I’ve enjoyed it for years and am quite sure you will too.
— Marc Ruby, Warren, MI


“As Christmas music goes, this may not be a runaway standout but it’s Christmas to me. Often times, I find that adaptations of old songs are either annoying replicas of the original or far-out, unrecognizable pieces, which may be fine on their own, but end up being distracting because you expected something that at least reminded you of the original. Tom Barabas successfully avoids these all too common pitfalls to create sometimes lilting, sometimes haunting, but always beautiful melodies that can either stand as a backdrop for a Christmas party or be the focus of a quiet night alone. There’s enough variation to feel like you’re getting a creation and enough adherence to the originals to feel like Christmas.  The original songs are a matter of preference, and are much more introspective and intimate, but eventually have become part of my Christmas over the years. This album is the perfect way to unwind after a long pre-Christmas day or to set a pleasant, soothing mood. Get it.”
— Benjamin Jarrell, Talent, OR

“I lost my cd… and it just wasn’t Christmas without it… I am so glad I was able to find it online. I LOVE this mix of piano – absolutely beautiful.”
— Kemss, Lake Forest, CA


“Lovely, up-beat music! Great CD for world music & NAF lovers! I saw these guys play at a pow-wow, and they are awesome native American flute & pan pipe players!”
— Stephanie, Ohio

Meditation Moment


MEDITATION MOMENT: 52 Weekly Guided Affirmations

“You will be touched and moved by Dudley Evenson’s ‘MEDITATION MOMENT.’ This beautiful CD addresses the principles that everyone needs to embody for deep healing to take place.”
—  Caroline Sutherland, Author of The Body Knows How to Stay Young

“MEDITATION MOMENT is a very lovely CD!  Dudley, your voice and your words are encouraging, empowering and comforting. I am putting it in the Self-Help Audio section with other meditation titles.”
— Liz Doan, Product Manager Music Design

“ I absolutely love your new CD, ‘MEDITATION MOMENT’!!!  What a lovely creation and gift for humanity!  It is phenomenal and I am enjoying it daily.  How do I use it?  Let me count the ways…First of all, I realize it is intended to be an ongoing weekly ‘work in progress’.  I use the CD like a card deck and intuitively select what I require for ‘today’.  This morning I was feeling upset because of negativity streaming from the ‘spin’ of our upcoming election.  The well-being of our wonderful country is at stake and I was feeling frustration from the seeming injustice!  When I arrived at work and sat down at my desk, the first thing that attracted me was the beautiful lotus on the cover of your CD.  It reminded me to relax, focus and open my mind and my heart!  I turned the CD over and used the titles of each meditation like a card deck and intuitively selected #43 entitled ‘Justice’. Listening to that track literately transformed my reality is just a few moments!  How Divine!!!  Using meditation/affirmation tools usually brings up resistance in my world because they are usually lengthy and too structured.  Dudley, you have such a lovely, soothing voice.  It is calming and grounding, yet very etheric.  It helps me to ‘get in the zone’.  I used to have difficulty quieting my ‘monkey mind’ so that I could effectively meditate.  With our busy lives, this is the perfect solution and tool to help us focus our thoughts and align our feelings to manifest intentions for our highest good.  Your humility shines through so brightly that I find myself totally at ease and open to receive.  I experience a sense of peace and wellness.  Any unhealthy thoughts or challenges I am experiencing in the moment seem to effortlessly shift and I am gently supported in reaching a healthy state of well-being.  Thank you so much for creating this amazing tool for transformation!”

“I hear your voice on the CD [MEDITATION MOMENT] in my car every day and your words and voice are such a wonderful gift. I have the CD player on random with all my Mile Hi Science of Mind church music. I am so grateful and uplifted.“
— Peter Kande

Meditation Moods


“Dean and Dudley Evenson have culled some of their most meditative and relaxing favorites from eight previous albums (and thrown in some new tracks, too) on Meditation Moods, their latest offering to their legion of fans.  Proving once again that the pair is among the best in the business at recording soothing soundscapes designed to release stress and enhance the listener’s quality of life, the CD’s 66 minutes of music meanders through an assortment of gentle, meditative instrumentals, some enhanced with nature sounds.  Dean Evenson’s flute playing throughout is a highlight, as are the perfectly intermixed ambient-like keyboards.” — NEW AGE RETAILER

“I would definitely have to agree with the editorial review about this album. During a massage session, I heard the entire album and found myself relaxing and transcending to newer depths. Vivid imagery of childhood, playing in the sun and positive imagery. You would really enjoy listening to this album in the privacy of headphones or perhaps before falling asleep.”
— Milad Bozorgnia, AMAZON.COM




By Coalition of Visionary Resources – COVR




“As the title to this CD suggests, the music reminds me of warm, peaceful meadows and I could easily imagine myself lying on my back, in a cornfield perhaps, warmed by the sun as I stare at tiny clouds scurrying across the sky… The second offering on this meditative CD is my favorite. Entitled ‘Harmonic Dreaming’ the opening notes are reminiscent of Barbara Striesand’s song, ‘People’. The music is hauntingly melancholy and soulful. The last two selections Blanket of Buttercups and Inner Flight features the flutes and are played as only a flute can be played with a mellow depth of feeling that cannot be described. The exquisite sound of these instruments, played with perfection made me think of my childhood, of fawns and fairies, Midsummer Night’s Dream and Tales from the Arabian Nights. The sense of magic is made potent by the melodious harmonizing of these two gifted musicians. Soundings of the Planet has been around for almost thirty years and their music has always been able to produce harmony and pleasure to our less than perfect life styles. The mixed compositions feature the silver flute, guitar, sitar, harp, viola and wooden flute, that individually and as a whole produce music that is enchanting and peaceful.”


“This CD soothes…I played this Cd for my mother who was then stricken with a nasty flu and I swear it boosted not only her spirits but her physical well being. The mind can heal especially if you can relax it into a state of beauty and peace. This is the most peaceful Cd that I own. I sometimes play it while I read or write or fiddle around on the computer. I guess that it is made for doing Massage, Reiki, Rolfing and stuff like that. I believe that it would be great for these as well for I would enjoy getting a massage or Reiki session with this gently sounding in the back-ground. But as I said I enjoy it in many other ways. In the morning and at night. It is a great Cd to have in your collection for times when you want to deeply relax and prey or meditate or just day dream. I am so surprised that Dean Evenson is not more famous than he is compared to Enya and Yanni and stuff like that. I think that he is easily in anybody’s category in this field of New Age relaxing healing music. Try it out. I love it and enjoy it often. It is the type of CD one can never get sick of. No pun intended.”
— Sonny Sagese, Boston, MA

“Over all it was very pleasant listening. I particularly liked Emerald Sea with its ethereal beauty, so flowing and liquid with good use of flutes. Other pieces vary (Gentle Season has an Oriental feel to it). In Far Away the sounds of crashing waves, mingle with flute music, giving a vaguely Renaisance or feeling of a harem. The final cut (I Ching) rounds out the CD with chirring bird sounds blending with flute and possibly a harp.”
— Virginia Allain, Retired Librarian, Poinciana, FL


“The latest wonder of alternative medicine comes in the form of a true salve, Native Healing. Cha-das-ska-dum Which-ta-lum was a spiritual elder of the Lummi Indian Nation. He died last year, but not before leaving a good piece of his rich ‘authentic native healing chants’ that provide the very sustenance upon which composer Evenson wields his mighty countenance. It’s an interesting counter-culture they set up among themselves. Cha-das-ska-dum was a poet and a carver of totem poles, while Dean envelops us with a whole earth full of flutes, keyboards and natural sounds that blend better than anyone could hope for. If there really are synthesizers encasing this hour’s worth of chanting instrumentals, I can’t find them without squinting. And even then the lines between real and realized are blurred to the extent that we cease to care. The instrumentation is flawless and mystic. Smell the mountain air, see the eagles that form from the clouds (a very good illustration of such, you’ll find within the cd booklet), be at peace. That is the entire point of just such a recording. I can’t review individual tracks from this disc. It would be like reviewing chapters from a book. If you, even for the slightest moment, believe in the Power of audio incense, you must look for and love this release. Patience for the New Age or not, few could help but be enraptured by the charm and mystique that such a Sonic Tribe can produce. And this is not a rave review to be taken lightly.”
— Ben Ohmart,


“I could tell so many stories re: your music and my work in massage therapy, but I wanted to share just one for now:  I have a friend who just lost her Mom to a nasty brain tumor (GBM) and my friend has been beyond frazzled in her grief and in her efforts to care for her older father and so forth. Today I gave her a massage and God put it on my heart to use the “OCEAN DREAMS” CD. I have about 10 of the Soundings CDs but this is one of my favorites for massage and my clients really love it as well. I was praying for a lot of healing for my sad friend. I lost my Mom to a GBM4 brain tumor about 12 years ago and so I know how my friend is feeling. I so much wanted to provide some relief for her in this sad time in her life. Anyhow, my friend was VERY relaxed in her session and told me afterwards that it is the best she has felt in many weeks. While I feel the majority of the credit goes to my Jesus I know that your beautiful music also helps a great deal to create the safe environment that promotes this kind of healing. Thank you both so much for your music!! Thank you for helping me to bless a friend and be blessed myself on this last day of 2009. May you both have a happy and healthy 2010.”
— Sue Ellis, LMT

“It’s about time I take a moment to drop you a note and tell you what a big part of our lives you have been.  I discovered your album, ‘Ocean Dreams’, in 1996 at ‘Birth & Beyond’ in Seattle.  I was preparing to have my only child, Christopher.  During my pregnancy and labor, I played your disc many, many times.  Over the course of the years, I have bought no less than twelve copies of ‘OCEAN DREAMS’ as my discs have worn (the days before my iPod and Zune).  I’ve made gifts of your disc to many friends who are massage therapists or were welcoming their own children into the world.  Over the course of the past 13 years, I’ve gotten most of your discs.  I advise other parents to do exactly what I did to get their kids to sleep in no time:  softly play ‘Ocean Dreams’ when it’s time for sleep.  I’ve been doing this since the day my son was born.  When my son was a toddler and in daycare, I bought a disc for the center to use at nap-time.  The daycare director told me that not only did every kid in the “nap room” conk out, listening to ‘Ocean Dreams’, but the supervisor nearly did, too. My thanks to you for the peace and beauty you have brought into my life and my son’s.”
— Lynne Gregg, Issaquah, WA

“My grandson who is autistic will only go to sleep listening to OCEAN DREAMS.  It calms him!  At work, I put the EAGLE RIVER DVD on in my office and leave it on the whole time during.  It has a very calming effect.  I do guided imagery and take my clients into a state of relaxation where they share whatever comes up for them.  They relax and remember the good times in their lives.  It also helps me to relax so I can help them relax.”
— P. Gibson, Substance Abuse Therapist


“A true guitar virtuoso, I met Scott on Venice Beach CA in 1991. I thought I was hearing at least 3 guitarists playing together, but it was just Scott. The truly amazing part is that he can recreate all of this live. He taught himself how to play, but the genetics were already there. You have got to hear this stuff. I played the cd in Maine one winter on MooseHead lake and 7 or 8 deer entered the yard of the camp I was staying at and started jumping around to the music, true story, I’ve never seen anything like it.’
— Dave Rand, RAINMAKER DIGITAL PICTURES, Burbank California

— AMAZON customer review


”This CD is one of my very favorites….with Dean’s beautiful flute, accompanied by harp, it is great and can put you in a relaxed, meditative state whether you’re writing, working, relaxing…or needing some respite from a stressful life event. It is true medicine for the soul, beautiful music that does not sound “new agey” (no synthesizer, etc.) I recommend it without reservation.”
— AMAZON customer review

My daughter has been listening to this after “lights out” since she was 2 years old. She’s 14 now and she still loves it, as does my action-man 7-year-old son. I bought three CDs- one for each child, and one for me for playing in rush hour traffic! (My Mom and my sister have it too!) The only reason it doesn’t get 5 stars is because it’s a little bit repetitive – but then, that probably helps to induce relaxation. As far as “New Age” music it’s a cut above the rest, with nary a pan pipe (ugh!) in sight!
— AMAZON customer review “Happy Philospher,” Dublin, Ireland



“Embracing the notion that all spiritual paths lead to the same source, PRAYER: A MULTICULTURAL JOURNEY OF SPIRIT is a gathering of voices and music raised in assorted forms of worship, supplication, and praise to a greater essence. Assembled and handsomely presented by Dean and Dudley Evenson on behalf of their cosmically inclined Soundings of the Planet label.  Prayer is a wide-ranging compilation of artists who profess some affiliation to their designated religious perspective. Rebbe Soul opens the disc with a part-contemporary, part-traditional Jewish plea for “peace between the sons of Issac and the sons of Ishmael,” followed by an organic Hindu groove evoked on sitar and percussion by vocalist Jai Uttal, and then an ethereal take on a Sikh perspective, sung in resonant, angelic fashion by Lorellei. The Savae Vocal Ensemble uses the Inca language Quechua to offer up its intriguing Gregorian-like chant, gently underscored by tribal shakers. Islam, Krishna, Buddhism, Christianity, and Native American thoughts are also expressed, concluding with “Green Tara Mantra,” involving a disembodied-sounding chant coming from the Dalai Lama. “Eclectic” hardly seems an adequate label for this collection, but the word represents a fair appraisal of a far-reaching, generally subdued recording likely to appeal to like-minded seekers and world-music collectors. The enhanced CD offers additional details on the concept and participating artists.
— Terry Wood, AMAZON.COM

“Dean and Dudley, I am recovering from my second eye surgery in 8 weeks.   Each morning I sit on the floor with your PRAYER CD playing. By the time it’s finished, I feel up-lifted, positive and peaceful. My deepest heartfelt thanks to you for your vision and continuing focus.”
— William S. Pingree, Facebook


“In partnership with the father-son duo of ‘Pandit’ Shivnath Mishra and Deobrat Mishra, Dean Evenson has created another superb, peaceful album. Raga Cycle highlights the hypnotizing sounds of the Mishras’ sitar talent, transporting listeners back in time through the generations of guru-student pairings that have kept this potent tradition alive. Following the cycle of a single day, each raga, or melody, highlights a specific time period. Beginning with “Rag Bairagi” (“Early Morning”),listeners are rooted into the moment, moving from morning to midday to evening to midnight. Each track is linked to the next with nature sounds appropriate to the particular time of day. Evenson’s flute is a soothing complement to the sitars of the Mishras. Wordless vocals, keyboard, tamboura, and viola also are featured. Raga Cycle is a great choice as accompaniment for daily meditation and stretching.”
— NEW AGE RETAILER “Sounds From the Ground Up” by Mara Applebaum

“Americans have long known that music from India is a perfect accompaniment to meditation, as well as yoga and other forms of exercise that take full advantage of the mind-body link. … Record label Soundings of the Planet has brought together multi-instrumentalist Dean Evenson, and father and son sitar master “Pandit’ Shivnath Mishra and Deobrat Mishra for the CD Raga Cycle, and entrancing blend of flute, keyboards, sitar, viola, tamboura and vocals that is designed to transport the listener. The production on the almost hour-long album is complex but clear, and the music sounds fresh, yet centuries old.”
— AMAZON Editorial Review

“Good Ayurvedic music. This album is great! It’s perfect for ayurvedic massage. I think once in a while there are few annoying “twangs” of the string instrument (sitar?) but overall it is totally relaxing. It definitely gives the eastern/indian vibe, and though I imagine not everyone would love it, it is perfect for my practice. Listen to the samples first, they are a good indication of what you will get. I love the flute mixed in, it definitely softens the other instruments.
— Shiva, Yoga & Massage Teacher


Reiki Om by Dean and Dudley Evenson

“Reiki OM nurtures and envelops the listener, gently flowing inward, and opening the healing journey Reiki provides. A blend of blissful melodies that beckon and cleanse the body, mind, and soul, attuning with the rainbow vibration of Reiki energy.”                                                                                                                                                                                                         – Jennifer Yost, MA, Reiki Master, Seattle, WA

“I put Reiki OM into play as background music for several Reiki classes I taught. My students commented that the music and sounds were tranquil and soothing and allowed them to go deeper into each session. As a practitioner and facilitator, I felt the music was aligned to the Reiki flow and also permitted me as a channel to tune in on a more profound level.”
– Eileen Dey, M.A., LMHC, Reiki Master, Founder Reiki Training Program

“Reiki Om creates a tranquil, lush, transportive healing soundscape.  It’s beautiful melodic journey through other lands and times.  A true gift for the spirit.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                            – Julie Dittmar, Yoga Instructor & Meditation Guide, True Divine Nature



Relaxation Zone really lives up to its name. It is enchanting, exotic and at the same time peaceful. What beautiful music that brings such a lovely background to a healing session. I feel as if I am being transported to a place where peace is residing inside my heart and soul. Lovely music, and my clients feel the calmness in the music as they sink into their own peaceful places. Thank you so much for your caring and special music.”
-Cynthia Swann-Haase, Licensed Massage Therapist & Energy Practitioner, Wah Lum Kung Fu, Tampa, FL

“I have your music CD’s in all four of my massage treatment rooms and we always look forward to new selections because we know we won’t be disappointed! My therapists had all positive comments about your newest CD (Relaxation Zone). We found the mix of music has a nice flow and a perfect tempo that creates a soothing environment and enhances the work we do.”
– Cathleen Kunz, Cascadia Center for Massage, Bellingham, WA


“The liner notes state ‘Charting a new direction, Dean Evenson has put down his flute for this album…’ and indeed he has.  Joined by accompanists on viola, percussion and didgeridoo, New Age music pioneer Evenson displays his prodigious talents on piano and keyboards, with the emphasis on the former.  Many of the 10 tracks feature an exotic musical style with rhythms and melodies evoking a North African desert caravan – sultry, intoxicating, haunting and sensuous.  The result is music that has the unmistakable stamp of Dean Evenson while also stretching the already vast boundaries of his voluminous discography.”
– Bill Binkelman, Retailing Insight



Daniel Paul’s exemplary debut release features a bevy of well-seasoned comrades to create this musical odyssey to Paradise. From Hawai’i to California, musicians such as the fine vocalist Lorellei, world interpretative musician Jai Uttal, and percussion student extraordinaire Michael Pluznick from Marin County, CA., join together with Bruce Becvar, Dean Evenson, Steve Kindler, Raphael, and Glenno Falkenberg to row, glean, and plow a sea of undulating, exhiliarating tropical dreams. Song titles echo the dreamy, swaying rhythm of water lapping, sun and shade dancing, recalling “Neptune’s Court”, “Oceania”, “Rapture”, “Moroccan Moon”, and “Wave Runner”, and the title track, “Rhythms of Paradise”. Paul leads a strong pulse on tabla, with taraong, timpani, tamboura and gongs to accompany. Harmonium, flute, guitar, keyboards, violin, harps, and dulcimer, along with plenty of crisp djembe, driving djun djun, congas, bongos, and shakere round out the sensuous, hypnotic musical reverie. Like the movement of tides, or the light of the moon on water, the effect upon listening is relaxing, subtle and all-pervasive.
— Maya Trace, Lopez Island, WA


“Magically romantic.  No fluff here.  I have many of Tom’s CD’s, and finally got around to getting this one – and I waited tooo long! Unlike many of today’s ‘romantic’ pianists around (who do write and play well), Tom Barabas – classically trained with one very creative and passionate mind – is in a league of his own. For those fans of ‘Sedona Suite’ – you will not be disappointed. He has taken the ‘ethereal new age’ tone of SS, refined and reshaped it, and wrapped his loving soul into every piece on this beautiful CD. There is a new side of TB that you will hear on this CD, and tracks like ‘Moonlight’, ‘Adagio’, ‘Epiphany’ and ‘Dolphin Dream’ weave a soothing, at times rhapsodic sound – yet still remain focused on the intent of the pieces – to make you, the listener, feel a sense of joy and uplifting of the spirit. Tom added some very tasteful – and not overdone – arrangements on many of the tracks. The injection of flute, guitar and synth accent many of the pieces very well… Overall, I am in full agreement with the artist himself – it is truly one of his best CD’s. I think he opened a door here for ‘new age haters’ that would have shyed away from his ‘Sedona’ inspired works, and created a CD of music that anyone would enjoy (without selling out!).”
— Michael J. Harrington, Phoenix, AZ

“This smooth, wonderfully interpreted CD turned into my fave CD for relaxing, doing artwork, computer tutorials & gardening. Also, so inspired by him that I bought his sheet music & now play some of his work on piano. This is my 2nd purchase as someone misplaced the first one. A must have for right-brainers.”
— Thea D. Marlborough, Van Nuys, CA

Dean Evenson - Sacred EarthSACRED EARTH


By Coalition of Visionary Resources – COVR

“Shimmering with life and beauty, SACRED EARTH is a love song to our Mother Gaia who holds and sustains each one of us in her many-hued expanse.  Dean and Dudley Evenson have been producing exceptional meditative and nature-inspired music for more than three decades.  In this new offering, Dean’s silver and native flutes flow seamlessly with nature’s healing sounds from land and sea, interwoven with spacious keyboards, Tibetan singing bows, guitar, harp, viola, cello and wordless vocals by Singh Kaur.  Together they carry us on a sonorous journey into the wonders of our home planet.  The album closes with a sacred chant to Terra by native elder Cha-das-ska-dum.  Dean writes: “As we broaden our perspective, we recongnize the magical mystery of life as a big picture, including all bings and all matter as part of the energy that keeps life humming.  We can begin to glimpse this magnificent form we call Sacred Earth.”  This exquisite recording is truly a celebration of life.”

“We finally have an empty house here, and I can sit with the new CD all by myself, just savoring it.  The sweet bird of Dean’s flute soars and hovers over the space held by the ensemble..we, in the center hold the image of balance, beauty, joy and vibrant thriving life in all quarters.”
— Kitty Norris, IRIDIUM RADIO


“This collection of chants culled from previous releases on different labels is wide in scope, embracing spiritual and cultural traditions from all over the world, including Hindu, Zulu, Buddhist, Judaic, Yoruban, Christian, Islamic, and American Indian influences. “Nali,” a field recording by John St. John, is a heart-thumping example of the African tribal connection with nature and harvest time. The Zulu women’s voices are deeply passionate and inspiring. The Sufi “Allaho Akbar” is a sparse yet riveting plea to the divine. “Dudley’s Song,” named for executive producer Dudley Evenson, brings to life a chant “caught” by Lummi tribal elder Cha-das-ska-dum. The variety of traditions captured here will make Sacred World Chants a special treasure for world-music fans. The purpose of these chants is clearly stated in the liner notes: ‘A few years ago when we were entertaining Tibetan monks, we asked the chant master what it is about their chanting that makes it healing. His unwavering reply was, Intention.’ The intention Soundings of the Planet brings to this album, as the label has all its albums for 25 years, is world peace.”
— NEW AGE RETAILER “Sounds From the Ground Up” by Mara Applebaum

“After Soundings released ‘Prayer’, I was waiting for a follow-up and this is it. I play this almost every night before bed because the chants are soothing and inspiring. It helps me sleep and wake-up in a good mood. This CD is a rich cross-cultural musical journey featuring mantras from the world’s major spiritual paths and some of today’s top ‘chant’ artists. I love the selections by Deva Premal, Snatam Kaur, Manish Vyas & Dina Awwad, and Gina Sala. If you like chant/kirtan music, you will not be disappointed with this CD.”
— ZenDude, Tucson, AZ

“This is a divine CD. Great to listen anytime, anywhere. I play this CD when I am in the car, meditating, doing yoga, I even dance to it! Worth every penny!”
— KLN, Shoreline, CT

“I ordered it because my yoga teacher played it for a class and it was inspirational! Beautiful songs from many different cultures. My favorite is the “shema”. Lovely quiet listening and yoga CD.”
— AMAZON customer

Tom Barabas - Sedona SuiteSEDONA SUITE

“This is the most relaxing music possibly, I’ve ever experienced. When I bought my first copy in a bookstore in Albuquerque, I had asked the clerk to play it for me before purchase. Upon listening to it with me, she said she felt so calm, that the rest of her day was going to be great-Unless she fell asleep!-Thats how “unstressed” it makes one feel.
I have given this CD (also in “tape” form) to people for gifts. Everyone has enjoyed it. Most recently, I gave a copy to my Yoga teacher. She plays it during class-Although “Sedona Suite” is “calming”, it also can be mood enhancing and energyzing-Multi-purpose.”

— Vicki GH, Long Beach, NY

“This is by far the best CD ever. We use it everytime we take a trip, it is the “TRIP” CD. The music is beautiful, it fills the air. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to get lost in great music.
— Cathy Fields, Idaho

“Luckily this was a gift. No words. Gorgeous new age piano music, very relaxing. I loved it so much I got the sheet music and played it over and over until I got it down. Yanni who? This guy [Tom Barabas] is unique and you will love it.”
— Tanya Little Mouse

“I’m going to join the group that has had this album around for a long time. It was one of the first tapes I kept in the car as regular background music, and I’ve probably listened to it so much that I have it memorized. The CD version is in my library, and it still gets dragged out with regularity. Obviously, I like it. Barabas uses fairly conservative classical music styling in presenting his music, often playing over orchestration. There are occasional similarities to Liszt, and a definite debt to all romantic pianists. Structured, entirely likable, but with nary a hard edge in sight.  Barabas is a talented musician, and it shows in his technique more than anywhere else, where he refuses to fall into any typical, new age pattern.
— Marc Ruby

“Of all the new age music out there today, this is by far, my very favorite. I have had this cd for over 10 years and I never get tired of listening to it. Tom Barabas is a genius at the keyboard and every selection he plays, goes right to my soul. If you have never listened to any of his music, this is a wonderful one to start with , but do not stop there, try them all, you will soon become a dedicated fan I can promise you….you will not be disappointed!”
— AMAZON customer


“Alain Eskinasi at his best. Don’t confuse these guys with the hip-hop band of the same name. This group is a top-notch world fusion ensemble whose leader, Alain Eskinasi, is one of the great messengers of world fusion music. He’s recorded under his own name, with this group, with Brainscapes, with Professor Trance, and is a member of Third Force as well, and was an original member of one of the first Afro-fusion groups, Soto Koto. He’s a multi-instrumentalist who plays all manner of percussion, bass, guitar, and keyboards, and who’s a groovemaster supreme.  This album picks up where the group’s first (on a tiny label, not readily available) left off, and it’s a welcome addition to the world fusion repertoire. Aside from Eskinasi, the other folks include the husband-wife team of Aziz and Khabira Paige and Richard Hardy. Aziz plays sitar and guitar, Khabira plays tambura, and Richard’s reeds include flute, sax, and clarinet.  The group is complemented on several tracks by various vocalists and by didgeridoo as well. If you love world fusion, this is a terrific example of it.”
— LGwriter, Astoria, NY

“It’s fabulous! I highly recommend it if you’re an Enigma fanatic like myself, or if you simply just want to listen to something relaxing. Try it, I guarantee you will be happy you have, and if you’re not, you probably can’t recognize good music when you hear it. So if you like enya, enigma, david lanz, mythos, yanni, sacred spirt, pure moods, delerium, or anything else I’ve forgotten, give it a shot.”

— Maarz


“Sonic Tribe is the eponymous debut of a consortium of musicians associated with the Soundings of the Planet label, primarily guitarist Scott Huckabay and label founder Dean Evenson  (flute, keyboards). The disc represents the label’s first venture into world fusion and involves an assortment of instrumentation: didgeridoo (aboriginal wind instrument), doumbek (Middle Eastern drum, both played by an Australian-born artist known as A.B.), plus tablas, bass, piano, and percussion.  A few tracks feature female vocalese, either Middle Eastern chanting or a modestly operatic voice. Nothing groundbreaking surfaces here, but it does offer a number of attractive moments as it shifts from placid, haunting sections (“Siren of the Desert”) to more robust, rhythmic selections such as the opening title track and “Circle 3,” where Huckabay’s vigorous guitar and A.B.’s otherworldly didgeridoo are intertwined to interesting effect. Not a groove-based club recording, Sonic Tribe is suitable for listeners who have a taste for the most atmospheric ethnic explorations associated with Lorenna McKennitt and Steve Roach.”
— Terry Wood, AMAZON Editorial Review

“Sonic Tribe is a spirited group of musicians culled from around the world. Comprised of Scott Huckabay (guitar), Dean Evenson (flute, digi-horn), A.B.(didgeridoo, dombek), Daniel Paul (tablas) and Gina Sala (vocals), Sonic Tribe playfully re-ignite the spirit of their hauntingly beautiful tribal roots, blending the musical influences of the Middle East with the aboriginal Outback. Energized with trance guitar, didgeridoo, flutes, keyboards and especially effective ethereal vocals, Sonic Tribe is a mesmerizing musical melting pot of passionate world beat music. Highly recommended.”
— Anthony J.W. Benson, EDGE cetera

“Divine music! If your looking for something to transport you to an exotic and relaxing journey this CD is for you. The Middle East and Outback flavors are perfectly blend together. The vocal styling is uplifting. If you like the music of Cirque du Soleil, Sonic Tribe will bring to you the same sound and style almost perfectly.”

— Danielle


“Most popular CD in my New Age collection. Soothing, Relaxing, Centering and Balancing…I have over a hundred CDs in my collection I use as an Energy Healing Practitioner, Minister/Spiritual Counselor, and Seminar Facilitator. This compilation is the most played out of all of them. Many clients and students have asked for the artist’s name and title information, after playing it during their session, or class. I highly recommend this for use during massage or healing sessions, yoga or tai chi, relaxing, reading, studying, driving, working, ANYTIME!!! If you were to own just one New Age CD – this should be it – find the Peace Within!”
— J. Wallace, Glendale, AZ

“As humans we can handle more than we can imagine our challenges can be overwhelming, and yet our attitude can get us through anything. Sound Healing CD, an inspiring collection of peaceful music by sound healing pioneer Dean Everson, I believe was a factor in saving my husband’s life. It was Christmas Eve 2002. Although the word was passed that Rickey’s leukemia was in remission, remission doesn’t mean you are home free, you continue to receive chemotherapy in what is referred to as consolidation treatment. If he fell out of remission, the doctors said that Rickey’s chances of survival would be half the length of time he had remained in remission. For us in the hospital, music was very much a part of our healing and our connection to each other. Early pioneers in music therapy in the 1970’s Dean and Dudley Everson were at the beginning of a movement to link music and healing. We would listen to this particular CD continuously in Rickey’s hospital room, even when he was sleeping – we believed it had a positive effect on Rickey’s reaction to the chemotherapy and the stress associated with his cancer treatment. Now we are launching a workshop as part of Adventure Day One to help others face their challenges with a positive attitude and we are making this CD part of the workshop package. If you only buy one CD for a loved one in the hospital, buy this one!”
— Patrice Jackson, Adventure Day One, Edinburg, VA

“Something of a “greatest hits” collection, this CD contains several tracks from previous Evenson albums, as well as several new pieces. What sets Sound Healing apart from most recordings of its ilk is that the pieces are musically sound; instead of wandering from place to place, they have a musical starting point and destination, which makes them enjoyable to listen to. Of course, this doesn’t detract from Evenson’s intended purpose; Sound Healing is an excellent accompaniment to meditation, with its blend of flute, harp, guitar, and natural sounds such as crashing waves and birdcalls. Whether you use them as part of a healing program or just to relax, the gentle melodies and cinematic soundscapes of Sound Healing are an evocative treat.”
— Genevieve Williams, Editorial Review, amazon


“This is my second purchase of this CD. I literally have worn out my first copy! Most of my clients love the soundtrack and it also puts me in a ‘happy place’. I would fully recommend it to anyone who wants a nice relaxing hour of music.”
— C.D., PA, USA

“If your new to massage therapy, or a veteran, and have never had the privledge of listening to Dean Evenson, then you are truly in store of a magical journey of self discovery. If you go to soundings of the planet. com you can experience this even more. This cd from beginning to end takes you on a journey, that you hope never ends. Don’t believe me, buy it and see for yourself.”

— Dallas R. Kitchens, Ogden, UT

“Serene flute melodies with tender harp, subtle keyboards and soothing guitars raise up from a backdrop of gentle nature sounds in this gorgeous release from sound healing pioneer Dean Evenson. Assembled from previous releases and also including four new compositions, this soothing collection creates a deeply relaxing atmosphere that is invaluable in increasing the healing benefits of a good therapeutic massage session. As a matter of fact, this CD creates a musical environment that is so relaxing and refreshing that it almost makes the massage table and attached masseuse obsolete! Accompanied by the phenomenal Soundings Ensemble, Dean’s ethereal flute expressions take the listener on a healing voyage that quickly distances you from the troubles and concerns of daily living by the medium of his beautiful musical soundscapes. Expertly mastered to further enhance the healing qualities of Dean’s flutes and keyboards, Dudley Evenson and d’Rachael’s harps, Phil Heaven’s viola, Scott Huckabay’s guitar and Tom Barabas’ piano, Sound Massage could soon stand as the premier musical release for massage therapy, stress relief and relaxation. Definitely a “must have” for massage therapists and anyone in the healing arts, Sound Massage easily receives my highest recommendation to all lovers of beautiful, peaceful music.”

— Rev Robert Walmsley, MUSICAL SOUNDSCAPES


“I just purchased this album last night, and have already listened through it a few times. It’s the type of sound that doesn’t get old very fast, and it is definitely relaxing in every way. The harp and flute go great together, almost inseperable and in union with each other. I am a student of massage and am collecting music for when I practice on my own, and this CD is definitely on my keeper list. I plan to purchase more albums by this great artist in the near future.”
— Jesse Jacobs

“Say goodbye to stress!  Your stress cannot follow you when you listen to this music. The harp and the flute? Exquisite! Honestly, this is a very effective piece of musical wonder that can help you cool down and re-focus. It can help you find your center and clear out all of the negative energy. Mystical. Magical. Definitely worth checking out.”
— Mike Smith

“Heaven!  The combination of flute and harp is just perfect. Dean Evensen has the world’s gentlest touch with the music he creates on his flute. D’Rachael’s harp blends with the flute creating peaceful harmonic melodies. I cannot listen to this CD often enough. It is so calming.”
— Don L. Johnson

“The music transports you to another world, a hidden one. It is mesmerizing, relaxing, and has a most wonderful hypnotic effect. I would warn against playing this CD in the car … you might actually forget where you’re going! I find it especially good for writing poetry, or just sitting and looking out the window.”
— Ella Wagemakers, The Netherlands


COVR Visionary Awards Judges’ Comments:

“A true delight to listen to.  A perfect selection for the world genre, and will be on my shelf for sale before it receives its award…. Perfect blend of instrumentation with feeling and soul…I would have called it ‘Organic Rhythms.’  It is soothing, inspiring, and grounding.  A fabulous collaboration.”

“Soulfood’s take on ambient native music is lush, full of plush synthesizer pads and lots of reverb, but he also has a grounded sense of melody, with flute playing that bends and arches like the arc of a hawk traversing the Sonoran plateau.”
– John Diliberto, ECHOES


“This CD features close to 70 minutes of exquisite music which was selected with the help of yoga instructors. The gentle tunes are great for relieving stress or use with hatha yoga, meditation, breathwork of cooling down after exercise. Flutes, Chinese zither, Tibetan bowls and trance guitar accompany meditative chants which help your brain go into the Alpha state.”

“As a yoga teacher and as an adult who just needs to rest and renew I highly recommend this disc. I use it all the time- not only in my adult yoga events but in my kids classes as well. Tracks 2 & on are my favorites. The rainforest track is a great one to use as a backdrop to tell kids a relaxing story. It really calms them. I get a lot of students and teachers asking me what music I’m using when I play this one.”
— Bari Koral, Yoga Teacher


“The music on this CD is Middle East meets the Australian outback. Gina Salá is a lead vocalist for Cirque du Soleil and sings in sixteen languages and Beth Quist has a 4 octave vocal range- need I say more? Trance guitarist Scott Huckabay with soaring flutes of Dean Evenson, didgeridoo and tribal percussion create music that is both uplifting and energizing. This music always puts me in a good mood and the vocals are out of this world.”
— ZenDude, Tucson, AZ

SPIRITUS: Breath of Life

“I love this CD so much I bought 12 for gifts for friends and loved ones. For me it’s very celestial and has such a high vibration it touches the core of my being.”
— Heidi J. Brooks, Knoxville, TN

“Having a wide collection of “New Age” music, Lorellei is one of my favorite female vocalists. This album brings out the romantic spirit and puts you in a soothing dream world of love. I fly an ultralight and her music gives me the same feelings I get when I glide just beneath the clouds.”
— Glenn Schot, Hanalei, Hawaii

“There’s such a sweet, gentle beauty and a sincere, heartfelt message of peace whispered to my thirsty soul, gently nudging me on to where I belong–happy and at peace! (Wanna come along? Buy this cd and you will!) Every time I listen, I dive into a fountain of youth overflowing with crystalline waters where I drink till all thirst is quenched! Next, I dive down deep into brisk coolness to enter its wisdom and I never wish to return! Now THIS is MUSIC! You have to hear it to believe it.  I give this one of my highest recommendations ever. ‘Spiritus: Breath of Life’ is a recording for new age lovers and seekers of beauty and peace in music and it will not disappoint. Free-flowing, lovely female voices balanced with equally gorgeous, varied music (piano, flute, violin, bass and much more) send your spirit soaring!”
— Soaring Heart

“Open your mind and heart with Spiritus: Breath of Life. Lorellei’s beautiful, gentle voice brings peace into your inner spaces.  Some of the songs become a bit pop-py.  My favorites are the flowing cadences of spirit and instrumentation.  Try this CD for a new approach to life!
— Dorian, Chicago


“Calming for the soul.  Great for massage. I’m a massage therapist and I’m very picky about the music I play during a session and I searched long and hard to find the perfect combination of music that isn’t just a misty melody, but takes you somewhere and this CD does it. I’ve always loved flutes and the zither and together it’s shear beauty and peace. I’ve never bought anything from either of these composers but you can bet I will again. I myself sometimes have trouble sleeping at night and just relaxing and I just opening this CD last night and played it through and I just drifted away while doing affirmations, they include something called “Earth’s Resonance Frequency” which supports relaxation, meditation, and ‘superlearning’, and it was incredible, a must have in any music collection! My highest praise! Recommended for any therapist in the healing arts!”
— DJ, MI, Licensed Massage Therapist

“Deep relaxation for the mind…I was recently diagnosed with a panic disorder that was brought on from the high stresses of my job. Since I’m unable to take medication, I need to find alternative ways at controlling the anxiety attacks. I stumbled upon this cd and have recommended it to several friends who are equally as happy. Listen to this cd in the morning while doing light breathing exercises or even yoga and you will find that it will clear your mind and prepare you for the day. Listen to the cd at night, let the music wash over you while doing relaxing breathing exercises and you will find yourself in a state of deep relaxation. I recommend this cd to anyone who is under a lot of stress or suffers from anxiety, get this cd…it really does help and it does a body good!”
— AMAZON customer

“Highly relaxing.  I was going thru a difficult time when I purchased this album. I listen to it at work when I am under stress and find it relaxes me almost instantly. The calming Asian influence touches a depth with the soul and connects me to peace with the universe.”
— ladydiana9

“Good for pets as well as people.  I purchased this cd for myself, but noticed my Basenji seemed to relax a little whenever I put the music on. I often play it for her in repeat mode when I am going to be out. She is definitely ‘zen’d out’ by the time I return! I can best describe the music by saying that there are no loud instruments or uptempo arrangements to distract from the relaxation experience. The melody is soothing and uncomplicated, so it works well in many settings where a quiet mood is preferable (like doggie bath day). So do something nice for your pet…and yourself…and check out this cd. Alternately, I would recommend Dean Evenson’s equally pleasant ‘Forest Rain’ cd.”
— breezy0413


“I own a number of Dean Evenson CDs, and this one is one of my favorites along with TAO OF HEALING. I have a hard time finding the right words to describe the music other than “perfectly woven”. Everything just seems to fit right into place and is wonderfully balanced. I’ve always loved Oriental music, as long as it’s done right – and this really is done so well. My favorite track is Slow Samba. The rhythm makes it both relaxing and uplifting at the same time. It has always brought me a deep sense of peace.”
— Elliecats, Columbus, OH via AMAZON.COM


“Hauntingly elegant Christmas music! I picked up this CD at a craft fair in Killington, VT, a few years ago, and what an incredible find it is! I have never heard Christmas music like this before. The songs are all familiar Christmas carols, but the style and composition are truly unique. Whereas traditional versions of the carols are banged out in 3 minutes or less, these folks take their time — some songs are 8 minutes long (or longer, if I remember right). They take their time, and develop amazingly beautiful works of art. But the real clincher to these songs is Singh Kaur’s hauntingly elegant, powerfully angelic voice — Wow! Simply amazing.  I never would have considered “O Come Emanuel” to be a song I’d listen to anywhere outside of church, but their version is so indescribably beautiful that I found myself listening to it over and over again at home.  This is the perfect type of elegant, contemplative Christmas music to sit down next to a fire to, turn the Christmas tree lights on, and just relax and let it all go.  Much, much more than just a collection of Christmas carols. It’s an absolute work of art.”
— Tim, Bucks County, PA via AMAZON.COM


“The healing flute played by Dean is incredibly soothing…Pure bliss !  Dean Evenson writes some of the most soothing, most healing music on the planet. I have several of his CDs and never tire listening to the tranquil melodies he creates…. Whether or not you meditate, do yoga, or just enjoy pure tranquil melodic melodies, you owe it to yourself to become a collector of this wonderful composer, musician !!”
— Judy Worth, Marin County, CA

“This CD is beautiful. The peaceful sounds permeate your soul. It brings peace and harmony and balance to you and your area of sound, whether it be home or work. It is a must have.”
— Jeanne Westphal