Creating Personal Sanctuary – My Sacred Laundry Room

SacredLaundryRoomA personal sanctuary for rest and rejuvenation can be of great benefit for individual health as well as for the health of family and community. By allowing your soul and spirit the refuge of peace, you are able to reach out and have a positive effect on the harmony of all your relationships – including your family, workplace, community, and world.

It is helpful if you can define a physical space where you can devote yourself to inner healing work.  This can be anything from a room set aside for meditation to a small corner in your bedroom or living room or a spot in nature.  I have made my laundry room into a sacred space where I do my yoga and meditate and love the privacy and peace it provides. Whatever place you choose, this is your special sanctuary where you can do your yoga or sit quietly and meditate, free from distractions and let go of the worries and cares of the world or whatever is going on in your personal life.  In this sacred space you can focus on bringing harmony and peace into your life.

You might want to set up an altar to help focalize your meditation, contemplation or prayer.  The altar can include a candle, flowers, treasures from nature, sacred pictures or anything that inspires your spirit.  If possible, it is helpful to play peaceful music in the background to help ground and center your soul in the spirit of peace.  I would love to hear from you about the kind of sacred space you create for yourself.  It is always inspiring to know what others have discovered to help bring peace into their lives.

If you’re looking for peaceful music to use for meditation and yoga, try Healing Sanctuary which we created after 911 to give people a calm space to retreat into when the world becomes too much.


2 thoughts on “Creating Personal Sanctuary – My Sacred Laundry Room

  1. Glad you are inspired by my sacred laundry room. It has made all the difference to me to have a place to practice my yoga and sometimes we have to make space in unusual places. I will post more pictures soon. Thanks for visiting my blog and keep in touch. Send pictures of your sacred space! Blessings, Dudley

  2. Hi. I LOVE your sacred laundry room!! I found you on youtube looking for meditation space ideas. I have my art room with my laundry room right now….but I am thinking of getting rid of some of that to create a meditation space in there…..and maybe just have a small space for creating…..because I don’t use half of what I have in there! Either that or I will make a corner of my living room into my meditation space. I would love to see more about what you have on your altar and what the rest of your space looks like. Thank you for sharing!

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