Yearning to Help This Troubled World

Drums Not GunsMy heart yearns to help this troubled world
All around I hear people crying out in pain
Calling for assistance and understanding
Of this crazy stirred up incredible world
Hurricanes, tsunamis, floods, earthquakes
Terrorist attacks Mudslides Unnecessary War
Death Homelessness Separation from Family

I don’t know if everyone feels this way but some are called
To feel the weight and wonder of the world on our shoulders
In our hearts to somehow see all sides and feel no separation
Praying for Resolution of the conflicts and the suffering
For Harmony among all people, of man with Nature
Praying for Peace to fill our hearts and heal our broken world

Oh please let me know how you reconcile living in the material plane.  How have you been able to help your neighbors, contribute to your world?  What have you seen others do that inspires you to do more.  I would love to hear from you (and I’ll send you a free music track in gratitude).


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