What really makes a person happy?

I couldn’t resist sharing this wonderful video from Jack LaLanne who was an early forerunner of the fitness movement.  Jack enthusiastically taught people how to be healthy through nutrition, exercise and good attitude. Hey doesn’t that sound familiar?  It’s what we’ve been talking about for years.  This video encapsulates his tone and spirit and is a good one to watch over and over whenever you are feeling down in the dumps.  All the money in the world can’t seem to buy happiness so perhaps we need to take a clue from people who have less in the form of material wealth but seem to have it going in the spiritual wealth department. Thank you Jack LaLanne for being such an inspiration!  May we continue the quest you began for true health and happiness and share what we have been learning.

Let me know how you find happiness even when times are tough.

2 thoughts on “What really makes a person happy?

  1. Laurel, you’re right, he probably was a bit extreme. But seems like his passion had some depth to it as well. And I love the story about the people on the bus breaking out singing. Reminds me of when Dean and I and our kids were on a very crowded Mexican train and in the middle of the night, someone sat on their styrofoam cooler and the ice had all melted sending water down the aisles where people were sleeping. Instead of anger and complaints, everyone started laughing! It’s all a matter of attitude.

  2. I remember watching this video clip or saw it live. We used to think Jack was a big sexist. I guess I remember his exercise series as narcissism. But he was body building. Then he went through something and became a guru with a real line on the truth. Here, he couldn’t make more sense in such a nice humble way. I love it.

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