How to Use Toning & Breath for Meditation

Vocal toning is not an esoteric practice or exotic form of sound healing, but it is in fact a natural form of expression that may occur throughout our day whether we are aware of it or not.  When we stub our toe we may emit a loud groan as we moan owww.  Or perhaps we are finally able to relax after a busy day and we let out a sigh of relief sounding a long tone of ahhh.  We may hum a tune under our breath and feel the deep resonance of that hum.  Or we may laugh out loud with a big ho ho or ha ha.  All these sounds are indeed aspects of toning.
Yet beyond these spontaneous natural vocal tones, we can also use toning consciously to bring more energy into our own bodies or to enhance our meditation practice.  This can work by allowing the tone to put the breaks on our breath and slow down our exhalation which also helps slow down our mental thought process.
You can follow these simple steps to deepen your meditation using toning:
• Breathe in quickly and fully
• Hold your breath for a few moments
• Then exhale slowly and completely letting a sound accompany your exhale
• The sound can be a vowel tone or ohh or ahh
• When the exhale is complete, repeat the process
Be aware of your diaphragm, which is located just below your belly button.  This is the powerful muscle that causes your lungs to contract and expand acting like a bellows.  Relax into the rhythm of your breathing.  As you become comfortable with the process of expressing yourself vocally through toning, you will be able to deepen your meditative experience and reach a more peaceful state of being.
Chakra Meditations & TonesCheck out our album Chakra Meditations & Tones which includes affirmations on each of the chakras and vocal toning for each chakra that you can tone along with.  Toning is a fun, participatory practice that can bring a sense of rejuvenation and vitality.  The good news is toning can be done by anyone and requires no prior musical training.

Dudley Evenson taught a workshop called ‘Toning Up, Tuning In – Chakras & more’ at the 4th International Globe Sound Healing Conference, Oakland, California.  It was an amazing gathering of sound healers.  Sound healing benefits are limitless and the presenters in this conference had a lot to share.



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