Try this Relaxation affirmation

Try saying this affirmation to yourself every day for a week and see what happens:
“I am relaxed even during times of stress.”
Research has shown that being relaxed can help one heal.  Disease means ‘lack of ease’ so with that in mind, returning to our natural state of balance should be a goal of a healthy lifestyle. In an exercise of alternating tension and relaxation of the muscles, we learn what it feels like to be relaxed by experiencing its contrasting state of tension.  When people are uptight and tense, they often create blockages within the body system which may cause toxins to accumulate and disease can result.  The body and mind are interconnected so when one experiences tension in the mind, it is reflected as constriction in the body.  By being aware of the need to relax and by practicing these relaxation techniques, one can mitigate the effects of chronic or acute stress and even pain.

Check out Dean Evenson’s latest release – RELAXATION ZONE.  As usual, he has created a great musical experience that will help you relax and feel good about life.  It’s great for massage too with a bit more energy than his usual healing flute music.  And for a change, he has focused on piano and keyboards with a touch of didgeridoo, viola and percussion.