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Journaling to Start New Year by Clearing the Old

Do you ever feel that you are dragging old issues and concerns along behind you that get in the way of starting things fresh and new? I’ve been feeling that a lot lately so have decided to start the year out right and really use my journal to unload any concerns from my mind and get them down on paper where I can look at my thoughts and then release them. And it’s working! Journaling is a great way to remove stuck energy and release old stories. In fact, so often the stories that get in the way aren’t even our own, so putting them down is a way to identify to whom they really belong.

We care deeply about our friends and family members but sometimes they are working through stuff that we really don’t have any control over – so instead of worrying about them, we may find getting those stories on paper is the best we can do. It also helps me to see the whole picture versus just the situation that has recently presented itself. As much as I love writing on the computer, I am finding that sometimes pen and paper are more effective in dealing with personal and emotional issues.

Another reason to use an actual journal is to keep me from getting distracted by all the options online. From emails and Facebook to YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and the news, there are so many things to grab my attention. With a journal, you can curl up in a chair or sit on a park bench and communicate with yourself. It’s also a great place to jot down ideas, dreams and plans for future reference. Continue reading Journaling to Start New Year by Clearing the Old