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Positive Attitude Affects Cardiovascular Health Research Shows

Dudley Evenson AttitudeWe’ve all heard about the mind-body connection and many have a vague idea of what that means, but it’s significant to find scientific research that actually validates how the mind affects the body. Imagine my delight when I came across stunning research illustrating clearly the concept that a positive attitude actually results in better cardiovascular health, supports cancer healing, and even helps with weight loss.

In a 2015 study published in the Health Behavior and Policy Review, 5000 people were studied over an eleven period according to their positive or negative attitude about life. The research clearly showed that those who had a positive outlook on life actually had better cardiovascular and general overall health. In other words – a happy heart equals a healthy heart!

The other research that caught my eye was a report I read in Mother Earth Living by Ellen Langer, a psychologist who was trying to understand the relationship between mental projection or suggestion and the physical body. She studied a group of hotel maids who were concerned about losing weight. One group was told that the work they were doing in the process of their job such as vacuuming floors, changing the beds, and cleaning bathrooms, actually exceeded the minimum guidelines for good physical activity that would contribute to weight loss. The people in that group actually lost weight compared with a control group doing the same kind of work who hadn’t received that information. Wow, can the mind actually help you lose weight?

Yet another study involved women who had been treated for breast cancer and had been deemed ‘clean and clear’ of cancer. Of two groups studied, the ones who felt they were ‘in remission’ didn’t fare as well as those who considered themselves ‘cured’. So this isn’t just about talking yourself into something. It is about the reality of what your mind perceives and then how it affects your physical body.

LaughterSo take this Chinese character of ‘Laughter’ to heart and enjoy this blessed life we are given. See yourself being well and happy and of course do all the other good things required for staying healthy like good diet and exercise. It all works together.

And let me know how you keep up your health and positive attitude. When you comment on my blog I’ll send you a free mp3 music track from Soundings of the Planet.