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Contrasts, Opposites, A Rainbow of Differences

Dean Evenson rainbowAh life, so full of opposites and apparent contradictions. It’s been quite a week with some good news that love prevails and other extremes of tragedy mixed with displays of hope. How can we reconcile the differences in our world?  We know that contrasts exist in life, but usually that does not mean that one is good and the other bad. Black-White, Us-Them, Male-Female, Push-Pull, Up-Down, Hot-Cold. These sorts of opposites occur and give energy to our existence.  They enhance the rich, biodiversity of the multi-colored rainbow of our human ecosystem. They serve a purpose, create tension and release, and describe a situation. Other opposites such as Love and Hate do present values that we best pay attention to before they get out of hand. It is clear to me that Love as a practice is much more desirable and helpful to the life process than its opposite. My sweet husband, Dean Evenson, always says ‘Love is practical’ and of course love typically yields more satisfactory results than animosity.  However, since Hate is present in our world, we get to deal with it as well.

Why would a person not want to love? What obstacles stand in the way of one’s being able to love?  Fear is certainly one thing that can block the progress of love. Another antithesis to love is low self-esteem.  Healthy self-esteem is about self-love without which it is difficult to carry on in the world. However when one feels insecure or unsafe, there is often a defensive reaction that arises which looks for the ‘other’ to blame for one’s condition and that other is often someone who is different from us.

Trouble can arise when the object of blame is a group of people or entire race or religion.  Someone with this mindset may ‘act out’ their frustration in antisocial ways especially if they are fed more negativity by their peers that fuels their emotions. The problems can magnify even more if that mentally unstable person should have access to a gun or a ‘weapon of mass destruction.’  Now you might think that such a weapon would be something like a bomb with highly destructive powers, but as we saw during the tragic events of September 11, a simple box cutter can become a weapon of mass destruction when used in the wrong hands.

Pastor and former police officer, Rt. Rev. J. Jon Bruno, tries to address the core causes of the issue in his post: Five Steps to Stop Gun Violence in America. His first suggestion is to “Reach out to young people – especially those who express feelings of being alienated, isolated, or disenfranchised – and those who need mentoring, encouragement, and opportunities to break out of cycles of despair, hate, rage and frustration. Provide that guidance – a “hand up” for success.”

We live in a society that feeds on divisiveness. The flame of conflict is fanned in news media and corporate competition.  But there is an antidote to this discordant, dysfunctional society and it is love and compassion.  And yes, even forgiveness as those family members of the Charleston church massacre victims offered to the young man who had shot their loved ones. We need to look around in our families and communities and notice those who feel disenfranchised and alienated, notice them and connect with love and compassion.

We hope that guns, knives or boxcutters do not fall into the hands of mentally unstable people. It is the anti-social person with the weapon that pulls the trigger. With the recent killings in the Charleston church, my daughter posted on Facebook – “Let’s focus on becoming better people and being a better example for peace & love. And my momma raised me to think “what would Jesus do” way before it was a catch phrase. Be kind. Be an example of kindness. Be compassionate.”

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