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A Sabbath of Days

Sunrise oceanA Sabbath of days, peaceful feeling, simply being.  That’s what today has been at last.  Early morning pictures of the ocean, sitting watching the waves, meditating on the morning.  What is my heart’s desire?  It came to me this morning as I was quieting my mind that I really want to help people.  I want to provide others and myself with information that will help us all to heal, prepare, and prosper.  So maybe I am a teacher or a writer or a healer.  It is clear at least that whatever it is that I create or support the creation of is intended to be of benefit to others.  The music, the writing, the ideas, the events, the media, the words of encouragement, information.  All is meant to contribute to the healing of our world.

I wrote the paragraph above in Florida on November 6, 2005 almost ten years ago and I realize I could have written it today.  I love it when we can read a journal entry from years past and find that the words still ring true.  Over four decades ago when I was living in New York City and going through a personal spiritual struggle, I made a lot of entries in my journal wishing for what I could become, how I could change and discover who I really am and what I am here for.  Much transpired after that period of soul searching when I came across that journal and read my words of youthful yearning.  I had met my soul mate Dean Evenson.  He moved in across the hall from me!  We had married and I had given birth to our first child.  We had moved to the country.  We had discovered part of our purpose in creating meaningful videotapes.  And so on….  In reading my earlier words I realized I had become what I was wanting to be.  My dreams had been realized.  What a wonderful discovery to find out that our dreams really can become realities.

What is your heart’s desire?  What do you feel called upon to contribute in this lifetime to the world around you?  I hope you are keeping a journal and jotting down your thoughts.  Someday you may read your own words and find out your dreams have come true too.  Feel free to share your thoughts here.