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Spring Rain, Weeding Strawberries, Healthy Food

Buddha CrocusYesterday really felt like spring and the sun actually graced us with its glowing presence for a few hours.  Dean and I had fun putting the covering on the hoop green house and it felt good to just be outside in the warming air.  While Dean busied himself with the technicalities of bracing the hoop structure, I turned my attention to the strawberry patch.  Since it’s been raining so much lately, even though it was  well mulched with leaves, the dandelions, grass and buttercups have really taken a hold of the area.

I actually love to weed my garden but trying to weed out the buttercups from the strawberries is quite a task.  For one thing, the buttercups tend to mimic the strawberries in how they grow sending out runner roots to connect with other plants.  They create quite an interconnected community!  At a glance they even look like strawberries.  Even so, we’ve had a fun couple days getting our hands in the dirt and preparing to plant our next season’s food.

What an honor to live in a climate where water is plentiful.  We just spent a couple weeks in Costa Rica and got to experience the challenge of a very dry climate.  Of course every area on Earth has its pluses and minuses.  You could say our ‘abundance of rain’ is a minus, but of course it can also be a plus as our lush, green forests will attest to.

I could babble on about gardens and how much I love nature but I will sign off for now and go make dinner.  Ever since our visit to Blue Spirit for the Deva Premal/Miten workshop (see pic below of the kind of food we ate), I have been inspired to make my meals more interesting, with lots of raw  yummy veggies.  Fortunately, we can purchase fresh, organic vegetables from Everybody’s Store and the Rome Store, two family-owned markets that are located close to our home so we have the ingredients.  Now for the creative expression combining healthy with beauty.


On another post I will carry on about the amazing yoga retreat called Blue Spirit where we stayed in Nosara, Costa Rica.  In the meantime, eat healthy and spend time in nature.  The Earth is much more that just a home!  And get ready for the 45th annual Earth Day coming up soon April 22, 2015.

In the meantime, check out our Super Earth Day Sale on Nature Music.  Always something good at sounding.com!

Dudley’s Famous Quinoa Veggie Burgers

At last by popular demand, here is my basic recipe for veggie burgers that are always so popular when I take them to potlucks.  I have traveled with them too and they make a great snack that is pretty much a complete meal
Veggie Burgers Bowl
This recipe makes a bunch of small burgers – vegetarian, vegan, gluten free

Take one cup quinoa and add two cups water
Bring to boil then turn off and let sit with cover for 30 minutes
Mix in finely chopped** 2 carrots, 1 large zucchini, 1 onion, 1 beet or other veggies
Mix in sprouted beans, black beans, garbanzo beans or refried beans
Add tomato sauce for extra flavor but not too much
Stir and season with herbs, sea salt, or Spike (my favorite)
Add in flax flour to create the consistency to form into a patty
Form into patties like biscuits and place on oiled baking sheet
Bake at 400 degrees for about 10 minutes, turn over and cook another 10 minutes
Eat as a stand-alone snack, main course or like a burger with all the toppings
But please, no bread or bun! This is a complete meal with protein, grain, veggies
Great to take to potlucks, lunch or when traveling so you have healthy snacks

Happy healthy eating!  Let me know how yours turned out.  Send pictures.

*This recipe was included in the Non-GMO Cookbook: Recipes and Advice for a Non-GMO Lifestyle by Megan Westgate & Courtney Pineau of the Non-GMO Project

**I use a Ninja food chopper but a basic blender or sharp knife works too