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A Tribute to Dads Who Really Care for Their Kids

Dads are the best when they are around to help raise their kids.
Father mosaicI found this mosaic in the New York City subway and it reminds me how much I appreciate the modern dads I see all the time carrying their babies in backpacks or playing with and caring for their young children.  It’s so different these days from when my own dad was a new father.  Don’t get me wrong.  He loved his little children and was a good provider, but most of the parenting of young children in those days was from the mother.  And it’s even somewhat different today from when my husband Dean Evenson was a new dad. He certainly did his share of diaper changing and holding our babies, but I don’t recall him carrying them strapped to his body in a baby pack.  Dean does like to recall the moments just after our second daughter’s home birth when he held her and looked into her eyes as her spirit gradually began to fully inhabit her body after the miracle of birth.

We hear lot about the progress made for women in terms of equality in the workplace and that sort of thing but I want to take a moment and honor the progress made for dads who are getting to spend more quality time with their babies.  It is such a blessing to hold a tiny new life next to your body and feel that intimacy and warmth of hearts beating together.

On another note, I once heard a definition of a “good husbandman as one who knows when to plant the seed.”  A ‘husbandman’ is a farmer or a person who cultivates the land and of course there are good and bad times to plant seeds so they will grow to fruition.  Of course a husband is also a partner in a marriage or a relationship so it makes sense that there are good and bad times to ‘plant the seeds’ of new life.  I would also add that a ‘good husband’ would also know to stay around and tend the garden of the family.

So hooray for the good dads everywhere in every culture.  May you enjoy the blessings of fatherhood and may your children honor and appreciate you! I would love to hear about your dad or your partner or your experience as a dad and for those who comment on my blog I will send you a free mp3 track of our relaxing music.  

To honor dads this month Soundings of the Planet is having a sale of all our CDs so use this code at soundings.com to get a super discount. FATHERDAYS15.  Dads need to relax too.


Have you heard about children with Nature Deficit Disorder?

“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.”
~ Albert Einstein

4 kids in treeApril is here, the month of spring emerging and anticipation of the resurrection of all of nature. It’s also the time that many of us acknowledge and celebrate Earth Day. But did you know that today, an unprecedented majority of children in modern societies have what is being called ‘Nature Deficit Disorder?’  That wouldn’t apply to the kids sitting in the tree pictured here though, but according to a report on BBC about a three-year study done in Britain, only one-fifth of the children aged 8-12 were ‘connected to nature.’  That means four-fifths or a staggering 80% of children have little or no connection with nature.

Why should this matter?  In recent years, a lot of research has focused on the negative effects that result from lack of contact with nature.  In 2012, Britain’s National Trust published a report on the phenomenon of ‘nature deficit disorder.’   Though it is not yet recognized as a medical condition, this lack of connection with nature can have harmful, long lasting effects on children of all ages.  With the pervasive use of technology by younger and younger children, the growth of virtual, as opposed to reality-based play is having a profound effect on children’s physical and emotional lives. Mental health disorders including depression and self-harming can often be a result of this nature disconnect.

According to Sue Armstrong-Brown, head of RSPB Britain’s largest nature conservation charity, “improving the natural connection for children is not only good for the youngsters, it is crucial for the future of nature conservation.  If we can grow a generation of children that have a connection to nature and do feel a sense of oneness with it, we then have the force for the future that can save nature and stop us living in a world where nature is declining.”

Nzc3NjFFMDVBRjkwRUM5REI2OTA6NmEzNWQzODI1YTJlZWY1MjUzZjAxZmI1NDJkZThmYTA6Ojo6MzJiNzljYjEtNzE1ZS00ZDE3LTkyODUtZDYyZjQ0MDY5NGZmLmpwZw==_resized_x0_y0_h400_w600.jpgBecause of their deep love and concern for the natural world, Dudley and Dean Evenson have dedicated their life and work to elevating awareness and appreciation for the earth, our planet, our only home.  They remember the very first Earth Day back in 1970. And in 1972, with Dudley being five months pregnant, they back-packed across Sweden to the first United Nations Conference on the Human Environment.  There they met Native Americans who were talking about Mother Earth and saying that the planet itself is an actual living being providing for all our physical needs and we are destroying her.  The Evensons were just beginning to work with the early portable video camera so they were able to document their experience in Stockholm and all that they were learning.  These videos and others ended up in a DVD released recently called ‘2 U.N. Earth Summits: 1972 & 1992’ of their experiences in Stockholm and later in Rio de Janeiro.

Then in 1979, Soundings of the Planet was formed to be a voice of the earth.  Dean had recorded the sounds of dawn in the Arizona desert and added their peaceful music of flute and harp and a whole new genre of music was born.  For over three decades, Dean and Dudley have produced CDs and DVDs that focus on peaceful, natural environments.  In celebration of Earth Day, Soundings of the Planet is offering super discounts on all Soundings albums that include natural sounds including our new 4 Earth CD and 4 Earth DVD of only natural sounds.  Please share with your children, grandchildren, or just enjoy them yourself.