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Manifest Your Dreams Through Intention & Consciousness

We can best create the life we want when we come from a place of intention and tap into our higher consciousness for guidance and direction. Acting with a sense of purpose, our lives then unfold with meaning rather than as a random series of events that ‘happen to us.’  We make our lives meaningful when we live with intention and purpose.
Dudley Evenson prayer hands
In Dr. Wayne W. Dyer’s book The Power of Intention, he recognizes that everything in the universe operates with intention. This is much greater than simply focusing all our energies in one direction with dogged determination but rather, intention exists all around us inherent in all things. The intention of the acorn is to become a mighty oak. We can discover the meaning and purpose in our lives by tuning into universal intention. This concept resonates with the way we create our music with its high level of intention for the purpose of healing and reflecting the beauty and wonder of nature. The music transports the intention on carrier waves of sound. And from what people tell us, it seems to work.

In terms of the chakra system, I recently took a class with master teacher Anodea Judith on Manifesting Through the Chakras. What struck me profoundly was her process of starting at the 7th or Crown Chakra level when imagining the kind of life we want. It is here at our highest, most spiritual level where we set our intention.  Here is where our dreams begin. From this place connected with universal consciousness, we work our way down through all the chakras to gather the energies and tools to make our dreams come true.

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