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Soundings Wins Double Visionary Awards at 2015 INATS Tradeshow

2015 Visionary Awards

We are proud to announce that Soundings of the Planet won two COVR Visionary Awards at the recent INATS trade showCHAKRA MEDITATIONS & TONES by Dudley & Dean Evenson with Beth Quist (Best Meditation Music) and HARMONIC WAY by Dean Evenson & Scott Huckabay with Phil Heaven (Best General Music). Thanks to all our fans out there in music land for supporting us these many years.  The Coalition of Visionary Resources (COVR) is the trade association representing the Mind Body Spirit marketplace for the past 20 years.ChakraMed&Tones-HarmonicWay

Here’s what some fans have to say about these award-winning albums ~
Chakra Meditations & Tones:
“Experiencing this meditation is perfect for the beginner and the advanced. The first eight tracks are instructional and provide the listener with a meditation experience at the same time. The melodic sounds of the chakra tones of the second eight tracks are delightful! Truly calming and peaceful. I highly recommend this sound experience!”
~ Margaret Ann Lembo, Owner The Crystal Garden & author of Chakra Awakening

“The Evensons have put together an effective and supportive tool for working with chakras. Dudley and Beth both have beautiful voices. I especially appreciated Dudley’s calming guidance while working with the chakra associated affirmations.”
~ Nancy Grant, Business and Life Coach

Harmonic Way:
“Masterful and melodic, top-selling healing artists create atmospheric arrangements perfect for deep reflection, relaxation and upliftment.  Harmonic Way acts as a gateway to higher states of awareness and presence, perfectly peaceful for any listener.”

~ Stephen Bonnell, East West Bookshop Seattle

“Harmonic Way is a complex, multi-dimensional composition that transported me into deep meditation and complete relaxation.  All my busy thoughts and tension melted away, gifting me a sense of euphoria and bringing me straight into my heart center.  Another fabulous creation from Soundings of the Planet.”
~ Diana LaDue-Hand, Wise Awakening

Beth Dudley Scott Dean(L to R) Beth Quist, Dudley Evenson, Scott Huckabay, Dean Evenson

Chakras Explained in Children’s Cartoon

I love the chakras and use the psychology of the chakras frequently to help people understand the issues that they are dealing with at different levels in their lives.  This children’s cartoon is actually quite close to making sense of the chakras and how we can clear blockages and open up the flow of the life force to gain greater health in the physical, mental and spiritual realms of our existence.  I have recently completed a course with Anodea Judith, one of the leading masters teaching about the chakras.  Her focus in this class was how to manifest our dreams through the chakras and in future posts, I look forward to sharing more of the skills and tools she taught us in the course.  So, enjoy this little cartoon and stay tuned for more illumination about the chakras.

ChakraMeditations&TonesIf you are interested in exploring more about the chakras, check out my album CHAKRA MEDITATIONS & TONES which has meditations and tones for each of the chakras.