Stress Busting with Music

By Dudley Evenson

We all need to relax. Such busy stress-filled lives most of us live.  Modern lifestyles have caused a new kind of stress that our forebears didn’t know. While they may have had an adrenaline rush from being chased by a wild animal, our demons are often the ones we are chasing in our own minds. Stress comes in many forms. Whether it is a relationship conflict in the family or at work, worry about paying the bills or other things, stress occurs. How we deal with it is up to us. There are many ways to help a person relax. As we are learning how to breathe, moving our bodies or taking time to rest in stillness, music can be an excellent tool to aid in the process of relaxation.

We should all know by now that stress or more specifically our reaction to stress can cause detrimental effects in our bodily system.  Those tensions may result in heart disease, cancer, neurodegenerative diseases, or mental lapses.  So with that in mind, we would do well to develop some stress busting habits.

Step One – Learn to Breathe
Breathe in this day for it is given to be lived
Breathe in the morning when the sun rises
And the evening when it sets
Always breathe deeply and fully

Step Two – Move It!
Getting the energy moving through your physical body will help to release endorphins that enliven your mind and lift your spirit.  Joyful, free flowing movement can be a wonderful release to help let go of unnecessary thoughts or concerns.  Finding the exercise system that suits you will keep you going back for more. It is a joy when you love to move your body and have the discipline of regularly doing your yoga, running, stretching, dancing or whatever your mode of movement is. Go ahead and sign up for that tai chi or yoga class, get that massage you have been needing, do your daily run.  All these activities can benefit from relaxation music being played.

Step Three – Rest in the Stillness
Know that a prelude of movement prepares the way for that quiet space within.  With the breathing and moving, your body settles down and your mind is able to calm itself and be ready for the visualizations and peace that can come when the mind is empty and clear.  The music can be a focus to help you center in on your own inter sanctum, the innermost place of your being.  Just be. When we are relaxed, calm and peaceful within ourselves, we enhance our health and wellbeing and music is one of the most powerful tools that can trigger the ‘relaxation response’.

Relaxation Zone, the latest release by sound healing pioneer, Dean Evenson, offers music that is perfect to support the relaxation process.  Gentle rolling rhythms, atmospheric grooves, soft percussion and a touch of didgeridoo invite you relax into the moment with music that is both exotic and uplifting as well as comforting and supportive.  The resulting ambience is perfect for healing arts practitioners and others who have been asking Dean for music with a little more rhythm but still with that signature ‘Evenson’ mood. Recommended background music for massage, yoga, working out, going within, living, loving.  Relaxation Zone contains Earth Resonance Frequency for deeper relaxation.