Sound Healer Interviews


Dr. Masaru Emoto
Message in the Water

Don Campbell
The Mozart Effect

Larry Dossey. MD
Research Prayer & Healing

Barbara Dossey, PhD, RN, HNC, FAAN
Holistic Nursing Pioneer
& Andi Goldman

Spirit Music
Joshua Leeds
Psychoacoustics Producer
Laurie Monroe
Pres. Monroe Institute
Steven Halpern, PhD
Inner Peace Music
Tito La Rosa
Peruvian Shaman Healer
Ayo Adeyemi
Nigerian Drummer Priest
Constance Demby
Electronica/Space Music
Beth Quist
Lead Singer
KA Cirque du Soleil

Deobrat Mishra
7th generation Indian Sitar Master

Jill Purce
Vocal Healing

Fabien Maman
Vibrational Medicine

Alix Wilbert
Trance Dance
Silvia Nakkach,MA,MMT
Vox Mundi
Christine Stevens
Upbeat Drum Circles
Jacotte Chollet
Multi-Dimensional Music

John Diamond
Diamond Center

Jeff Strong
Rhythmic Entrainment Institute

Ellen Franklin
& Donna Carey

Kairos Institute

Dean Evenson, MS & Dudley Evenson
Soundings of the Planet

History and Vision of Project

This project has been in production since 2005. Since then over 2 dozen more interviews have been gathered from leaders in the field. The onsite production during The Sound Healing Conference of 2007 in Santa Fe, New Mexico was a dramatic step in turning the project from vision to reality where many connections and interviews were made. Producers Dean and Dudley have also made specific trips to visit many of the interviewees in their homes as well as catching them on the road, traveling to San Francisco, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Boulder, Denver, New York, among other places.

Watch the current Trailer:

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Due to the large of amount of information and nature of the project, much time has been taken to absorb the content of the interviews and formulate a compelling treatment. The current status of the project is in making thematic shorts for distribution via the web via podcasts. We are also in the process of developing graphic content to illustrate many of the principles with the eventual goal of releasing a more comprehensive DVD, and potentially a DVD series.

A DVD & Multi-Media Project
Produced by: Dean & Dudley Evenson
(Soundings of the Planet co-founders)

As musicians and multi-media artists, we have been exploring the emerging field of sound medicine since 1979 when we founded our company, Soundings of the Planet. Over the years, we have researched and discovered many principles reflecting the relationship between music, sound, vibration and healing. Along the way, we have met other sound healing professionals, musicians, authors, and researchers in the field.

In addition to our musical background, we have been producing video since 1970 and are currently working on a comprehensive video survey covering state of the art information about the exciting field of sound healing and vibrational medicine.

We have already interviewed over two dozen sound healers and authorities in the field and are scheduling interviews with many more. We are also in the process of developing graphic content to illustrate many of the principles.

We intend to create a DVD or DVD series from the interviews. We know the content of this project will have a large audience as people are especially interested in seeing and hearing the music researchers and authors as they explain and demonstrate the subject from their perspective. The content will also be available for transmission via broadcast and cable television, web casting, pod casting, radio and other media forms.

If you would like to learn more about this project or about becoming involved as a co-sponsor please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you!

Dean & Dudley Evenson
PO Box 4472
Bellingham, WA 98227
800/93 PEACE

Dean Evenson, MS & Dudley Evenson
Producers Bio

Dean & Dudley Evenson are pioneers in the field of healing music and have produced over 50 albums since 1979 through their own record label Soundings of the Planet. Their motto of ”Peace Through Music” is reflected in their inspiring music of flute, harp and natural sounds which has been used in hospitals, prisons, schools, and spiritual centers to support people’s healing or life process. They teach sound healing workshops nationwide and their music is currently being used at Walter Reed Army Medical Center to assist wounded troops returning from combat in Iraq and Afghanistan deal with their injuries and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

Dean Evenson has a Masters Degree in Molecular Biology and has been able to combine his scientific background with his artistic talents to explore and develop the principles of sound healing. The Evensons’ work is endorsed by leaders in the field of Mind/Body Medicine including Dr. Deepak Chopra, Joan Borysenko, PhD. and Dr. Larry Dossey as well as Grammy award-winner Naomi Judd who used their music to heal herself from her life-threatening liver disease. With almost 2 million albums sold and numerous hits on the Billboard charts, the Evensons continue to be on the cutting edge of music that heals and uplifts, consistently taking people to a place where peace prevails.

In addition to their musical gifts, Dean and Dudley were pioneers in the early portable video movement and have hundreds of hours of videotape they have produced since 1970, the year they were married.

Adam McCormick
Assistant Producers Bio

Adam McCormackAdam McCormick is founder and currently runs the multimedia production company Blissfire Productions. ( He has collaborated with Soundings of the Planet for many fruitful years. He was chief editor for Soundings environmental documentary “Saving the Hundred Acre Woods” (2005) and was assistant producer for Soundings recent pilot DVD release, “Eagle River”(2007). His film “The Northwest Herbal Faire”(2006) was an official selection for the 2006 Projections Film Festival. In Winter of 2007 he traveled through Central America shooting nature videography of the rainforests, beaches, and Mayan ruins. During that trip he produced a documentary on the ProBelize Volunteer Organization based in San Ignacio, Belize documenting the experience of a study abroad group from the United States.

Adam has a B.A. in Music Production, Songwriting, and Arranging from Western Washington University and a Master’s Certificate in Arranging from the Berklee School of Music. He is a passionate singer/songwriter and poet who brings a strong social conscience to his creative process, grounded by his rooted belief in the power of vibration and intention to create a healing space. The quest for finding, studying, and exploring in the anthropological parallels of how the cultures of the world past, present, and future use sound as a healing modality, is largely at the core of what drives him. Adam is honored and appreciative to be so closely involved with this project. The innovators and pioneers in this field of vibrational healing have been and continue to be high inspirations and mentors in his own life path. He currently is based in the Puget Sound region of the Northwest when not engaging in his nomadic tendencies.