Setting Intention actually works

Setting Intention Works!

The three main goals I set my intention to accomplish a year ago, I have actually manifested. When I looked back at my Never Too Old To Learn Something New January blog of last year, I was pleasantly surprised to notice that I had achieved my goals in the three new areas I had decided to set my intention on.

It’s never too late to learn new things. My sweet husband, Dean Evenson, had given me a ukulele and I wanted to learn to play it. The process of developing a new skill wasn’t without mishaps like when I fractured my elbow a few months later and had to wait for it to heal before I could practice again. I kept working on it, got a few lessons, watched some YouTube videos and practiced till my fingers had callouses. Now that I have learned a dozen chords, I can play along on the ukulele and enjoy singing the songs I love.

The second new area I wanted to develop was to become a certified life coach. I have been involved in a local life coach group and have always had an inclination to counsel people who had a dream but didn’t know how to bring it to fruition. Since Dean and I have been fortunate to live our dreams, I wanted to be able to help others live their dreams too. An opportunity came up for me to get professional training in the fundamentals of life coaching so I jumped at the chance and took the course. Once the training was completed, I took on some pro bono clients to practice my skills and eventually have been able to add more clients and see them to success in many areas.

The third intention I set was to finally write the book that has been brewing in me for a long time. Dean and I have taught workshops on sound healing and meditation and people have asked me to provide more information so a book was a perfect outlet to share what we know. Now a year later, How to Meditate with Music Guidebook has gone through the preliminary editing process, the images have been selected, and I have even designed the cover. Soon I will turn it over to my graphics designer to perfect the layout and then it will be ready to publish. Before that happens I will be sending out preliminary copies for people to read and give me feedback so let me know if you are interested in reading it before it goes to print.

Oh, and the book writing has a postscript. I am getting to contribute a chapter to a new Jack Canfield book called The Big Secret. You’ve probably heard of Jack Canfield as co-author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series. This new book that I will be a part of is stories from leading entrepreneurs and professionals revealing their big secrets for achieving success in the areas of health, wealth and lifestyle. I will keep you posted when this book is released.

And finally – journal, journal, journal. Write down your thoughts and dreams. What turns you on? What lights you up? What is holding you back? Notice your blockages. Make lists. Clarify your vision. Journaling can be a helpful way to move forward in life and get what is mulling around in your head out and on paper so you can tackle the tasks that are required to manifest your dreams.

Good luck and blessings on your path. What is your intention in the coming year? Write it down. Commit to taking steps, no matter how small, toward your goals. You can do it! We love to hear from you and when you comment here we’ll send you a free mp3 of our music.



4 thoughts on “Setting Intention Works!

  1. Troy, Thanks for dropping by our blog and have fun learning ukulele. I have enjoyed my process with it. And you’re right about looking at your old lists and noticing that you have actually accomplished many things you set out to. I will contact you directly about the book. Blessings, Dudley

  2. Dudley,

    Thank you for the wonderful post. I also recently brought a ukulele into my life. My goal to learn a few cords before summer is here. Since Spring is Monday, I better get on this goal. 🙂

    Like Karyn’s comment above, I enjoy finding an old list and realizing I accomplished everything or most of the items on it.

    I would love to read and provide feedback on your new book. I understand that I may be to late in my post.

  3. Karyn, thanks for sharing your examples. You set an intention and took action. By writing it down, you set in motion the events needed to manifest your idea. And then step by step, you research and made arrangements and you did it. We can use the same principles for both small and large dreams. Keep it up! Blessings, Dudley

  4. Setting intention definitely works, sometimes even when you write it down and forget about it and come back to it months or years later, only to find that your intention had since manifested in your life! 🙂 A couple of examples from my own life: Sometime in 2015, I got it in my head that I wanted to visit Monterey, California in the future. I’d been visiting San Francisco for a number of years, and had heard good things about Monterey, including a few hours visit one summer, and wanted to go back. I wrote “Monterey 2016” on a card and set it where I would see it, and thought, well, that’s that: I’m going to Monterey in 2016. Long story short, in spite of a few twists and turns in 2016 I did end up spending a beautiful week in Monterey this past October!

    More recently, with the onset of winter weather here in Minnesota I found myself missing the exercise I get during the other three seasons, walking a half hour to an hour each day. So I decided I wanted an exercise bike to fill the gaps when weather and sidewalk conditions didn’t permit brisk extended walking. I held the intention in my mind, began researching exercise bikes, began figuring out where I would put an exercise bike in my small apartment, started arranging the space to make room for it, and then focused on looking for the bike that would go in that space. I found the perfect compact bike online, and with the help of a holiday gift card it was mine in mid-January and now sits in its “home” in my home! And I am enjoying the exercise to perk me up even in winter.

    These are simple, material examples, but I can assure anyone reading this that focused intention works for the bigger picture in your life as well!

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