Saving our Sacred Earth




A Message from Dean Evenson
At this moment in time, we can clearly see the crucial effect our lifestyles are having on this small sphere of luscious life we call home. This precious blue green planet contains all the known elements and relationships which make life possible. The air we breathe and the water our bodies are made of contain molecules that have been recycled and reused since time began.  We are just beginning to understand how diverse the biological and physiological aspects of life are and how complex are the intricate relationships of the diverse web of life.  We are also recognizing that the spirit of life plays a vast and essential part in the continued functioning of our world.  The drive to achieve a greater level of being is built into all living systems. As we broaden our perspective, we recognize the magical mystery of life as a big picture, including all beings and all matter as part of the energy that keeps life humming, and we can begin to glimpse this magnificent form we call Sacred Earth.  Let us focus together on manifesting a healthy home where for generations to come, all life can live in peace, balance and harmony.