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WindDancer – Dean Evenson & Tom Barabas

SP-7149 UPC# • 096507-7149-22


Featuring: Dean Evenson – Flute, Synthesizers, and Natural Sounds
Tom Barabas – Acoustic Piano and Synthesizers
Chris Hawkins – Saxaphone
Stuart Glasser – Percussion
Don Reeve – Guitar on ‘Reflection’

About WindDancer:

Wind Dancer takes as its inspiration the grandeur of the Pacific Northwest. With themes built from nature sounds heard intermittently in the background, these seaside soundtracks reflect a watery world of misty isles, as the piano and synth of Tom Barabas blend with the sensuous synthesizers and silver flutes of Dean Evenson. Add saxophone, percussion and guitar, and these majestic, circular melodies allow you to enter a world of mystery and wonder. Wind Dancer is less ambient and nature-oriented than prior releases, ~ Backroads Music/Heartbeats, All Music Guide


1  Wavy Prelude :33

2  To The Point   7:19

3  Smooth Sailing  4:04

4  My Dream is You  5:00

5  Driftin  5:26

6  At The Bow  7:27

7  Misty Mysterious  6:45

8  Change in the Wind  4:06

9  Reflection   4:55

10   Pulleys Against the Breeze  6:56

11  Tree Spirit   2:37

12  Clouds  4:45

TOTAL TIME: 65 minutes

WindDancer Reviews:

“I stumbled upon this magical CD while browsing in a pottery in Door County, WI. While the artist’s work was the obvious main feature of the studio, I was more captivated by the music he had playing in the background. I didn’t end up buying any of his pieces, but what I did walk away with was this lyrical collection of evocative musical images.
The music itself is so appropriate for Door County, an island encircled by waters both calm and wild. The soundtrack is enhanced by the call of sea gulls, the hiss and gurgle of soothing water on rippled shores, and the pounding of the surf, like the heartbeat of the earth.
There is almost a pulsing theme running through the collection which is both soothing and stimulating; an ebb and flow that carries you along in sensual waves of sound.
I have hundreds of CD’s but only a handful of perennial favorites which can calm, ennervate, and take you on new journeys with each encounter. Each listening experience allows me a different mood, or fantasy location or emotion to be expressed. Let yourself be immersed in this very special collection and swept out to sea…”
~Amazon Customer