Tao of Peace by Dean Evenson and Li Xiangting

Tao of Peace

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Tao of Peace – Dean Evenson & Li Xiangting

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Featuring: Dean Evenson – Flute, Keyboards Li Xiangting – Guqin (Chinese Zither), Bamboo Flute Dudley Evenson – Harp

About Tao of Peace

The much-anticipated follow up the best-selling, award-winning TAO OF HEALING. This stunning collaboration by sound healing pioneer flautist Dean Evenson and Chinese zither master Li Xiangting builds cross-cultural bridges of peace between East and West. Ideal for yoga, feng shui, all healing arts and anyone wishing to relieve stress and enhance their meditation practice.

Includes Earth Resonance Frequency (ERF) for deeper relaxation


1. Snow In Woods Poem 6:55

2. Path Through The Forest 7:18

3. Full Apple Tree 5:06

4. Buds On Trees In Springtime 9:28

5. Stillness At 8:09

6. Grass Reflecting On 6:46

7. Green Lake In The 4:37

8. Slow Samba 6:02

9. Green Quiet Mountain 7:11

TOTAL TIME: 61 Minutes