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Stillness SP-7225
Dean Evenson – silver flute, keyboards
with Doug Tessler – bass flute

This deeply meditative music connects you with the still, quiet place within. Long, slow keyboard tones and rich atmospheric arrangements combine with the pure sounds of silver and bass flutes to create a space for inner peace and healing.

“Stillness is a place of the inner being that recognizes all as wonderful and full of questions to bring the now alive. Reaching for ultimate calm, we listen to the silence of the universe and watch as all unfolds in appropriate manner. Being in the moment consumes us and fills us up with delight as we recognize the infinite potential of life. It is all here, right now, and such a wonderment fills the air. We honor the gift that allows us to experience the essence of Life as a constant process.” ~ Dean Evenson

“I love Dean Evenson’s new Stillness album. It is like listening to soft waves of flute while laying in a peaceful place. Very relaxing, peaceful and perfect for massage and other healing modalities. I received an acupuncture treatment today and listening to the CD was very healing to me.”
~ Michael McGillicuddy, Owner Central Florida School of Massage Therapy

Track Listing:
Seeking Stillness (6:33)
Be the Well (9:23)
Nothingness (6:19)
Full of Now (8:55)
Quiet Call (7:52)
Soft and Steady (8:00)
Let Go (6:39)
Relax into Now (7:41)
Your Emptiness or Mine (10:06)
Total Time: 72 minutes

ERF – Alpha Frequencies and the Earth Resonance Frequency included to enhance brainwave synchronization for deeper relaxation


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