Spa Dreams

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Spa Dreams – Dean Evenson & d’Rachael

SP7207CD • UPC 096507-7207-25

Featuring: Dean Evenson – Flute, Keyboards d’Rachael – Harp Dudley Evenson – Handharp, Gamelon Phil Heaven – Viola

About Spa Dreams

Sound is known to affect us at a deep molecular level. A healing spa is appreciated for its nourishing environment of soft sounds, healing waters and healing touch. Sound healing pioneer Dean Evenson is joined by longtime friend and harpist d’Rachael to create “Spa Dreams,”  a supportive musical experience that will remind the body and soul of that place within where the source of healing lies. Also contributing to the musical mix are Dean’s wife, Dudley, on handharp and gamelon, and Soundings’ engineer, Phil Heaven, on viola. A splash of water adds the element of nature to the relaxation experience. May this soothing sound spa support you in reaching a place of inner joy and peace

“Your stress cannot follow you when you listen to this music. The harp and the flute? Exquisite! Honestly, this is a very effective piece of musical wonder that can help you cool down and re-focus. It can help you find your center and clear out all of the negative energy. Mystical. Magical. Definitely worth checking out.”
~Mike Smith (Amazon Customer)


  1. Water Into Light 5:59
  2. Inner Hands 7:31
  3. Lotus Field 4:46
  4. Dream of Peace 6:41
  5. Sacred Splendor 4:43
  6. Liquid Moon 2:51
  7. Joy Overflowing 6:34
  8. Mystic Flight 7:29
  9. Celestial Doorway 8:24
  10. Sea of Tranquility 6:43

TOTAL TIME: 62 Minutes

Includes the Earth Resonance Frequency for deeper relaxation and a heightened state of Peacefulness.