Sacred World Chants

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Sacred World Chants by Dean Evenson & Various Artists
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Featuring: Deva Premal – Vocals Snatum Kaur – Vocals Dean Evenson – Flute, Keyboards Lydia McCauley – Vocals, Piano Thomas Barquee – Vocals, Keyboards Gina Salá – Vocals, Percussion Cha-das-ska-dum – Chant, Drum Miten – Guitar Rita Glassman – Vocals Dina Awwad – Vocals Sophia – Vocals Jai Uttal – Guitar, Zither, Harmonium Shekhar Borkar – Sarod, Flute Bikram Singh – Flute Manish Vyas – Keyboards, Percussion Benjy Wertheimer, Geoffrey Gordon – Tabla, Percussion Phil Heaven – Viola

About Sacred World Chants

This stunning collection by today’s leading chant masters is a rich, cross cultural musical journey featuring mantras from the world’s major spiritual paths – Jewish, Islamic, Christian, Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist, Native American and African. Exotic instrumentation and contemporary arrangements breathe new life into these ancient songs. Sound healing pioneer, Dean Evenson, has created many well-loved albums that bridge eastern and western cultures. For this album, he brings together spiritual singers from around the world to create an album that is profound and inspiring. Excellent musicianship and diverse musical styles from many cultures enhance this musical collection, making it perfect for yoga, meditation and healing.

When so much conflict in the world today is based on spiritual divisions, this album is a prayer for peace, building musical bridges between cultures. Chanting is an ancient, universal mode of spiritual expression, often accompanied with drums, rattles and bells. The word ‘chant’ is derived from the Latin word ‘cantare’ meaning to sing. The nature of chant is often with prayerful purpose. The repetition of the words or phrases serves to internalize the intention of the song and allows the mind to focus. Some chants are called ‘mantras.’ In the ancient Sanskrit language, the word mantra means mind protection. It is by repeating a sacred phrase or mantra, that the mind is focused and idle or troublesome thoughts are kept away, thus clearing the mind for divine inspiration.


1. Idé Weré Weré – 7:56 ( Deva Premal/Yoruba )
2. Gobinda Gobinda Hari Hari – 7:11 ( Snatam Kaur/Sikh )
3. Nali – 5:13 ( John St. John/Zulu )
4. Third Chakra: The Orbit – 5:23 ( Sophia/Buddhist,Universal )
5. Shema – 7:45 ( Rita Glassman/Hebrew )
6. Allaho Akbar – 9:03 ( Dina Awwad,Manish Vyas/Islamic/Sufi )
7. Dudley’s Song – 4:51 ( Cha-das-ska-dum, Dean Evenson/Native American )
8. Kyrie Eleison – 6:16 ( Lydia McCauley/Christian )
9. Twameva Sarvam 7:16 ( Gina Sala/Hindu,Universal )
TOTAL TIME: 61 minutes