Sacred Earth

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Sacred Earth – SP-7215CD • UPC 096507721524


Featuring: Dean Evenson: Silver Flute, Native Flute, Keyboards, and Natural Sounds Dudley Evenson: Harp, Tibetan Singing Bowls Phil Heaven: Viola SIngh Kaur: Vocals, Keyboards Scott Huckabay: Guitar Jonathan Kramer: Cello Cha-das-ska-dum: Chant, Drum

About Sacred Earth

Let your soul delight in this journey of nature sounds and award-winning meditation music. Dean Evenson’s sensitive recordings of nature sounds honoring the sacredness of the earth are interwoven with his relaxing meditation music. Three decades ago, Dean began the blending of nature sounds with the relaxation music he was creating and pioneered a whole new genre of meditation and relaxation music. Today, with renewed concern about the environment, this rich collection of songs is a perfect soundscape to encourage a growing respect for the planet. Dean Evenson’s Native American flute, silver flute and spacious keyboard atmospheres are joined in artistic collaboration with the soaring wordless vocals of Singh Kaur and the rich cello tones of Jonathan Kramer. The harmonic guitar Scott Huckabay, sonorous viola of Phil Heaven and Tibetan singing bowls and harp of Dudley Evenson add to the mix. The album closes with a sacred chant for Mother Earth by Native American elder Cha-das-ska-dum. Sacred Earth includes over a third new material with remixes of some of the other tracks and additional nature sounds added.

“At this moment in time, we can clearly see the crucial effect our lifestyles are having on this small sphere of luscious life we call home. This precious blue green planet contains all the known elements and relationships which make life possible. Let us focus together on manifesting a healthy home where for generations to come, all life can live in peace, balance and harmony.” – Dean Evenson

Includes Earth Resonance Frequency (ERF) for deeper relaxation.

Eco Packaging – This CD comes in green, environmentally friendly packaging made from post consumer recycled paper, printed with soy inks and contains no plastic. It is fully recyclable.


  1. Mending Your Own Mind 6:31
  2. Mother Matters 7:14 (NEW)
  3. Leaf Well Enough Alone 4:59
  4. Sweet Water 5:10
  5. Easy Way 4:29
  6. Sunrise 4:38
  7. Waves of Wonder 9:41 (NEW)
  8. Sunset Colors 5:25
  9. Everlasting Earth 4:59 (NEW)
  10. Elevate 5:45
  11. Terra 2:43

TOTAL TIME: 62 minutes